Men's Health Tips Plus Meet the SeabuckWonders' Dads

By Angela Rightout , published Jun 14, 2019

Men's Health Week

This week is all about the men! Why? Father’s Day right? Yes of course. But it’s not only Father’s Day, this week--it’s also International Men’s Health Week. Men’s Health Week runs June 10- June 16th. This week gives men the opportunity to learn about different diseases and illnesses while helping them discover ways to improve their health. In honor of the dad’s and their special day, we also want to bring awareness to men’s health. We're discussing some top five tips that you can take to promote your wellbeing. Also, we want to invite you into the lives of the SeabuckWonders’ family. We’re sharing with you some of the SeabuckWonders’ dad’s favorite SeabuckWonders’ products. These dads love these products because it works to boost their health or it’s their favorite skin care products to keep their skin in tip-top shape.

Men's Health

Go to the Doctor

Tip one is to schedule that appointment, please! It may seem like such an obvious and simple tip but it's significant. According to the CDC, heart disease and depression are two of the most prevalent ailments that American men are experiencing. In fact, one in 13 men live with heart disease and one in 10 men will experience depression or anxiety. These same men are less likely to schedule check-ups with their healthcare provider. So we’re here to offer encouragement to men to schedule that annual exam. View this as your reminder and take action. Also, don’t be afraid to seek mental health treatment and take the necessary steps you need to reduce your stress levels. Studies say that reducing your inflammation can help with heart health. Check out this article to learn how omega 3s from SeabuckWonders’ Omega 7 Complete can help with healthy inflammation response and heart health.

Tip: In many cases, depression in men looks more like anger and aggression versus sadness.


Improve your Relationships

There have been studies that say men check out before women. In fact, one Australian study says that men check out about six years before women at age 79. You may want to find different ways to improve health and it doesn't hurt to think outside the box. What if we told you, improving your social engagement would improve that? Or that having a good time with friends may promote wellbeing. Well, studies show improving your social interactions is vital for health. Social isolation is said to be just as bad as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Researchers have discovered that living a long and healthy life means having great social connections and integration alongside the healthy living. So hang out more and don’t isolate yourself. 

Tip: While being social, smoke less, drink less, and eat healthier. This equals healthy social interactions.

Exercise & Eat Healthy

Yes, you knew it was coming. There is no health tip blog post without reminding you that your diet and activity level are not only key but should be first and foremost. On average three out of four men are overweight or obese. In fact, a waist size over 102 cm puts you at risk for heart disease. Changing your lifestyle can be easy with consistency, dedication and willpower. Set up some realistic goals for yourself. It’s never a good idea to go cold turkey as that can set you up to backtrack and eventually fail. Change food habits slowly. Maybe swap out the chips that you eat with your sandwich for some fresh fruit. Incorporate at least one daily physical activity into your routine. The minimum goal, in the long run, should be 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week with 5 portions of fruits and vegetables every day. Also, work on giving up smoking tobacco products and drinking alcohol. 

Men's Health

Tip: Seek out your health care provider if you are having trouble quitting smoking.


Treat Yourself

No, don’t swing for the extra dessert. But, don't be too harsh on yourself. Life is full of stressors and responsibilities and everyone deserves some me time! Find healthy ways to help you relax and rid your mind of your stress. Sleep in or book yourself a massage or get a pedicure. Find a quiet place and read a book series you enjoy. Go for a walk or a bike ride. Bonus! This could double as exercise and relaxation.

Men's Health

Tip: Healthy sleeping habits dictate that you need at least seven hours of sleep a night.

Improve your Self Image

Loving your appearance and self-image can give you the courage to try new things, the power to believe in yourself and it can help give you the confidence to make healthier life choices. This in return can improve your mind and body throughout your entire life. One way to improve your self-image is to eat healthier and drink lots of water. Combining your internal efforts with external efforts like good skin care can improve how you perceive yourself. Men naturally age better than women if their skin is treated and cared for properly. Check out our article about men’s skincare for some in-depth tips. But remembering to moisturize, wearing sunscreen, and having a routine can help you look your best self--supporting your overall mental and physical wellbeing. SeabuckWonders can help with that. Check out some of the products that the SeabuckWonders’ dads enjoy. 


SeabuckWonders' Dads & Family

Jennifer is the Office Manager at SeabuckWonders. Her husband enjoys using the SeabuckWonders’ Body Lotion. Her husband Ramiro suffers from dry skin.

"The body lotion not only hydrates my skin all day but it also keeps me from losing the natural moisture of my skin," he said.

Jennifer’s daughter Sofia also enjoys using SeabuckWonders. Her daughter who suffers from eczema uses the SeabuckWonders’ Berry oil to help reduce the pain associated with eczema lesions while fading her scars. Jennifer's son Izak suffers from prickly heat in the warmer months. He enjoys using the SeabuckWonders' body lotion to help improve the condition of his skin--making it smoother and more tolerable. 

SeabuckWonders Family

Angela is the Social Media Coordinator at SeabuckWonders. Her husband Derek suffers from facial dryness. His daily facial routine is quick and dirty. After washing his face with our daily exfoliating facial wash, he applies the SeabuckWonders’ Berry oil and leaves it on his face for 15 min before rinsing.


"I feel the oil adds much-needed hydration to my dry skin while giving me an all-day glow," he said. "As a last and final step, I seal in the moisture with my SeabuckWonders’ facial cream."

SeabuckWonders Family

Cherie, the Public Relations Manager for SeabuckWonders, her husband Steve faithfully uses the SeabuckWonders' facial cream. As a firefighter and paramedic, he believes the cream serves as a great skin protectant.

"I really like the SeabuckWonders' body lotion to protect my skin from the elements (sun, wind, dryness,)" he said. "I use the SeabuckWonders' facial cream every day after I shave...I really love the smell and my wife even notices how smooth my skin is after shaving!"

SeabuckWonders' Dad

Final Thoughts

One day is not enough to honor the great dads of the world. You are amazing every day of the year. We honor, admire and respect you. Just remember to care for yourself!

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Father's Day Giveaway

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a professional healthcare provider if you have any specific questions about any medical matter.

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