Secrets Of Our Advanced Skincare

20 Years of Research

SeabuckWonders was the first company to introduce sea buckthorn oil to US consumers back in 1994. At that time, our primary focus was on supplements.

In our 20 years of experience, we have gained extensive knowledge on the health benefits this amazing super fruit. Not just from research studies done on sea buckthorn by scientists worldwide but from the valued feedback of our customers.


The Ultimate Natural Skincare Ingredient 

One of the major benefits of sea buckthorn is its wonderful skin supporting qualities. It's no wonder that many new skin care products are flooding the market today.

Not all sea buckthorn products are created equal. Many of the products have low levels of sea buckthorn oil. Some personal care companies treat sea buckthorn just as another trendy ingredient to add to their product offering.

The Perfect Amount of Sea Buckthorn Oil 

The driving force behind our decision to make our own skin care line was to create products that maximize what sea buckthorn can do externally. The first secret was to identify the optimal concentration of sea buckthorn oil.

We source our own sea buckthorn berries directly from Tibet without any middle-man. We are able to  control costs and quality, ensuring that our sea buckthorn is the best on the market.

We are able to offer a large quantity of oils in our products at a great price. Our products have so much sea buckthorn oil in them that they are naturally tinted orange!

SeabuckWonders has the Highest Sea Buckthorn Oil Content

Natural Benefits for Skin Support 

There are two kinds of sea buckthorn oil. One comes from the seed and the other from fruit of the plant. While both offer benefits for the skin, their nutritional profiles are different.

Omega 3 from Seed Oil

Seed oil contains high levels of vitamin E, omegas 3,6,9 and other powerful antioxidants which all benefit the skin.

Sea buckthorn seed oil is a light oil, with a drier texture rather than greasy. Because of this, it's absorbed quickly into the skin and makes a great base for a variety of skincare products. It's even great all on it's own on your skin, so feel free to do a pure oil mask if you want.

Because of the fatty acids, antioxidants, and other bio-active nutrients, sea buckthorn seed oil extremely nourishing to skin.

Omega 7 from Berry Oil

Pure sea buckthorn berry oil takes a bit longer to absorb into the skin than seed oil, but it's got something special that you'll be hard pressed to find in many other plants on earth.

Omega 7, which is best known for supporting skin health, is found sea buckthorn berry oil. While the research on this fatty acid is still emerging, it's thought that sea buckthorn oil gets it's cell-nurturing qualities from omega 7.

Berry oil is excellent for dryness throughout the body, and using it topically is a great way to help balance skin that needs some TLC.

Perfectly Balanced Skincare

The right amount of seed oil and berry oil is the key to creating maximum results. Our sea buckthorn berry oil contains one of the highest levels of omega-7 on the market. 

We tested many different combinations to find the perfect balance of seed and berry oils.

Our products have a high level of SBT oils but have a light, non-greasy texture. They absorb quickly into the skin and are perfect for everyday use.

We have more sea buckthorn oil in our skincare than any of our competitors- which is easy to see in our products!


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