Sea Buckthorn Oil Capsules

Soft gel capsules are the most convenient way to take sea buckthorn oil. Our capsule products are always a best seller because they are easier to incorporate into your everyday. Learn more about capsules vs. oil dropper bottles to decide which sea buckthorn product is the best option for you. 

Why we’re better: SeabuckWonders products are made from the highest quality, USDA-certified organic sea buckthorn oil available.

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  Omega-7 complete is a blend of sea buckthorn seed and berry oil. It's the easiest way to get all the benefits of sea buckthorn oil! This natural blend addresses many needs and has many uses. Sea buckthorn berry oil...

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Health Benefits- Supports the health of your digestive system, liver, heart, and immunity. Made from the tiny black seeds of the sea buckthorn berry, this oil packs a nutritional punch. Sea buckthorn seed oil is a traditional herbal health and...


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