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SeabuckWonders has been a trusted brand in the natural health and wellness community for over twenty years. Over the years we've worked with some amazing media outlets (see below) and influencers. 
SeabuckWonders has been shared with many top media outlets


SeabuckWonders Winner 2015 Best of Natural Beauty SeabuckWonders Winner Best of Beauty & Body Award 2013SeabuckWonders Finalist in Eco excellence awards Finalist CPG Editors Choice AwardsExfoliating Facial Cleanser Wins Best of Natural Beauty Awards from Better Nutrition 2019


Ashley Koff Approved Products SeabuckWondersSeabuckWonders Pure Oils are certified USDA Organic SeabuckWonders gel caps are Certified Kosher SeabuckWonders Skincare is Certified Cruelty Free by Leaping BunnyNon GMO project Verified

TV Spotlights 

Omega 7 Spring Skin Care tips- Daryn Mayer Live on Lakeside

Travel Beauty Tips- Shaunya Hartley

Let’s Talk Live- Life the Fashion Lane: Alexa Curtis 

KDVR Denver- Delicious Living Magazine 

Stacy Cox Beauty Expert- New Day Northwest NBC 5 

Ashlee Piper’s best winter skincare solutions 2016-2017

Dr. Oz talks sea buckthorn 

What Media Outlets Say 

Veg News Magazine- May 2019

"For the mom you really want to pamper, this gift set from Seabuck Wonders gives her everything from vegan supplements to luxurious oils and creams, all using the extolled powers of Sea Buckthorn, a medicinal shrub."- On the Inside Out Beauty Kit


Alternative Medicine Magazine - October 2012

“On Our Radar”: Omega-7 Complete & Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil

Baltimore Post-Examiner - September 2013

“And I am feeling it – my hair, skin and general self feel well oiled and smooth. I add it to my tea, and it gives a little kick, which is most delicious! You can use it internally or externally. I’ve also been using the face serum, which has smoothed my skin out and feels glorious to put on! 

Better Nutrition Magazine - November 2012

“Beauty Berry”: "We love that you can use this product topically (on hair, skin, nails, and even wounds or burns) and internally (35—70 drops two times each day) for all sorts of ailments—from digestive complaints to cholesterol control." 

Beauty World News - November 2013

“Try a delicious breakfast smoothie: 1/2 cup Coconut Water (source electrolytes, hydrating), 1/2 cup H20, 1/2 scoop whey, or hemp or pea protein (vanilla flavor) (amino acids critical for healthy collagen, elastin production), 1/2 cup frozen raspberries (excellent source of fiber - healthy blood sugar balance, slimming beauty), 1/2 cup fresh blueberries (helps ward off damaging free radicals), 2 Tbsp probiotic active yogurt (supports healthy digestion), 1 tsp Salba Seeds (anti-inflammatory, fiber), 1 tsp wheat or barley grass (detoxifying, antioxidants, ph balancing), 1 tsp cocoa powder (stimulates circulation), and 2 full droppers SeabuckWonders Berry Oil (evening of skin tone). Delish!” 

SeabuckWonders Himalayan Seabuckthorn Deep Hydrating Serum and Body Lotion This new line of beauty products from the makers of sea buckthorn-based supplements features nutrient-rich sea buckthorn oil, which contains the rare omega-7. Touted for its ability to improve skin hydration and elasticity and increase skin thickness, it also may help to improve collagen synthesis to ward off visible aging signs. These products' high-concentration of the ingredient's potent berry oil, proven by their yellow hue, definitely got our attention.

Delicious Living’s 2013 Beauty & Body Awards

We Also Love: SeabuckWonders Himalayan Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion. SeabuckWonders Himalayan Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion for its yellow hue that proves its high concentration of skin-healthy sea buckthorn oil. - October 2012

"What’s on my wellness radar this month: October edition": "Give your kids’ immune systems a boost with the miracle berry sea buckthorn, a tiny berry that packs a punch in terms of health benefits and will give your kids immune system protection when they are exposed to the many illnesses and germs found in the classroom." - December 2012

“Post-holiday shopping ideas”: “New year, new skincare, right? Go for a whole new regimen with SeabuckWonders Natural Skin Care Program: a set that includes cleanser, serum, moisturizer, and body lotion. Each product contains Omega-rich "it" ingredient sea buckthorn oil to soften, smooth, and protect skin.”

Family Health & Wellness Magazine - October 2012

“Products for your Health & Wellness”: “SeabuckWonders Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil”

Fashion Affair Magazine - November 2013

“The view from the top is quite splendid here. Topping Fashion Affair’s list of the best emollients of 2013 is the Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion. Vegan and deeply moisturizing, this is the freeway to luxurious skin. Dr. Oz calls this the “miracle berry” and we could not agree more! Ready for a miracle in all things moisture related? **Highest marks for the natural scent of orange. To win, you must run the race.” 

Fashion Daily Magazine - January 2014

"SeabuckWonders (USDA approved) Certified Organic Sea Buckthorn is the latest superfruit buzzing on everyone’s mind. This berry’s nourishing and rejuvenating benefits make it an essential must-try for beauty gurus everywhere. Sea Buckthorn may be the newest member to the superfruit family, but isn’t any less beneficial. SeabuckWonders’ variety of beauty and skincare treatments support everything from weight to uv protection to promoting brain function." 

Fox31 Denver - September 2012

“SeabuckWonders was featured on Fox31 in Denver as a natural way to hydrate your skin!” 

G Magazine - October 2012

“Sea buckthorn, you know?” “Am American enterprise specializing in natural oil extracted from this plant: Sea Buckthorn, has been experts in this field for over 15 years.”

Yahoo Beauty - October 2014

Says James Liu, the company’s general manager: The berry’s oil contains Omega 7, vitamins A and E, and “promotes cellular moisture and structural health of the skin internally.”

New Living Magazine - October 2012

“Products for Holistic Skin Care”: “Just add a drop or two to increase the healing, moisturizing and restorative powers of your favorite lotions, creams, sunscreens and more.”

Nutritional Outlook - September 2013

“Sea buckthorn oil is ideal for beauty products and is used to combat the signs of aging in skin, hair, and nails by stimulations collagen production, according to James Liu, general manager of beauty brand SeabuckWonders.”

Oxygen Women’s Fitness Magazine - October 2012

“Mega-Powered Oils”: “It’s like a super spa treatment for your skin, hair, gums and nails!”

Whole Foods Magazine - November, 2012

“Kids’ Health: Starting off Right” "James Liu, general manager of SeaBuckWonders, a division of Health King Enterprise & Balanceuticals Group, Chicago, IL, reminds us that kids can benefit from omegas other than just DHA." 

Whole Foods Magazine - February 2013

To this, James Liu, president of Seabuck Wonders, Chicago, IL, adds an extra benefit of sea buckthorn: it helps protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun, while hydrating and cutting down on puffiness.”

Whole Foods Magazine - April 2013

“States James Liu, president of SeabuckWonders, Chicago, IL, 'This new ‘it’ omega is gaining notoriety from studies indicating it supports cardiovascular and heart health, general immunity, gastrointestinal health, anti-aging, and it is very well known for hair, skin and nails, and may even assist in weight loss.'"


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