How we create the best oils in the industry

Sustainable Harvest 

Not only do we adhere to fair labor practices, our crop is also harvested sustainably. If the sea buckthorn plant is allowed to grow without pruning, harvesting the berries and seeds will be extremely difficult given the thorny branch structure. The branches must be kept short and neat, allowing for quick removal of the berries by shaking.

We prune off sections of branches with the most berries. Once the branch is cut, it’s much easier to harvest the berries by knocking them off of the branches. This keeps the trees healthy and stimulates the growth of new branches. It’s nearly impossible to hand pick sea buckthorn berries in bulk. We only need to harvest from the same tree about every two years.


C02 Extraction

Supercritical CO2 extraction the best method for creating sea buckthorn oil. It helps protect the active properties of the plant material.

The process produces the highest quality pure plant extracts. This process forces CO2 in its supercritical state through raw plant material.

Supercritical fluid is any substance at a temperature and pressure above its critical point, where distinct liquid and gas phases do not exist. It can effuse through solids like a gas, and dissolve materials like a liquid.

This is the cleanest method to extract oils. It's the best way to preserve the nutrients and keep the oil stable. It also uses the lowest temperature of any other method, even colder than cold press.


The Original Sea Buckthorn Company 

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