The Woman Behind the Enhydro Serum Line- Meet Maggie

Natural Products Industry Expertise

Maggie Qiu has a passion for all things pure, healthy, and beautiful. Part of a family team working in the natural supplement industry for nearly 20 years, Maggie’s expertise in nutritional supplements was the foundation for a new kind of skincare line.

SeabuckWonders’ original line up of nutritional supplements are made from pure, Tibetan sea buckthorn oil. Sea buckthorn oil was considered “liquid gold” to the ancient Tibetans and was cherished by every culture it touched throughout ancient Europe and Asia.

This wonder oil is so pure and full of health benefits that it’s been used as an herbal remedy, food, and a beauty panacea for thousands of years.

Even today, the bright orange fruit of the sea buckthorn tree (coined ‘miracle berries’ by Dr. Oz), still provide robust nutrition to those in the know.

The nutritional oil supplements of SeabuckWonders original line up have long been used for topical treatments by customers and by Maggie herself.

Maggie Qiu

Skincare Inspired by Nutrition

After working for decades in the natural products category, developing nutritional formulas and working directly with customers, and completing her Healthy Living and Nutrition program at Cornell University in 2018, Maggie began to perfect the formula for an everyday pure oil serum.

She wanted something that could work for every skin type and without the harsh ingredients popular in even some “natural” skincare brands.

Even with the rise of serum products in the skincare market, there was a lack of serums made from truly pure ingredients and a lack of products with the amazing skin nourishing qualities of sea buckthorn seed oil.

SeabuckWonders’ faithful customer base wanted an easy-to-use luxury serum that was just as healthy for their skin as their favorite supplements.

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

Sea buckthorn seed oil is brightly colored, with a slightly nutty scent, and works true wonders for skin. It’s rich with omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, skin balancing ceramides, and a perfect ratio of omegas 6:9- which is ideal for replenishing the lipid barrier.

After many cold Chicago winters (which served as the perfect test environment), research and experimentation, the perfect formulas to hydrate, smooth, and fight signs of aging started to come together.

Even before pure oil serums were widely accepted by consumers, Maggie knew that the right formula would be the answer. Starting with sea buckthorn seed oil as a base, she could combine the perfect amount of other premium plant oils to create products for specific skin types and needs.

More than just Business

Maggie’s interest in natural products and healthy living go beyond the business that she runs with her family.

She herself is a consumer of all-natural skincare, supplements, and lives a healthy lifestyle with her husband and twin boys. Embracing the lessons of Eastern holistic herbalism, she strives to live a healthy life that is in balance with the natural world.

Maggie gained much in the way of inspiration for her own line of products during trips to visit to their family’s farm on the Tibetan plateau.

Wildcrafted Organic Seabuckthorn Berries from Tibet


SeabuckWonders in Tibet

SeabuckWonders’ farm on the Tibetan plateau is where all of the sea buckthorn oil in the products comes from. The Tibetana species of sea buckthorn is native to the area. The plants’ native habitat combined the high altitude and harsh weather conditions creates the highest quality, food grade sea buckthorn oils.  

Tibetan culture reflects a special beauty, resiliency, and soul all while inhabiting a harsh climate, high in the mountains. Maggie hoped to convey Tibet’s powerful essence and beauty as the inspiration for the new product line.

Tibet Inspiration of Enhydro Serums

What’s Enhydro?

The Enhydro name was Maggie’s way of paying the Tibetan people and culture that have inspired her during her time in Tibet. 

A special kind of crystal found in Tibet called enhydro have drops of ancient water trapped inside. This was the perfect namesake for a line of all-natural serums that too, trap moisture within the skin.

Enhydro Crystal SeabuckWonders

The Enhydro Serum Line

Keeping the needs of her customers in mind, Maggie created three different products to help support the needs of unique skin types. Each formula was created using the all-natural versions of the hot ingredients customers are looking for today using only premium plant oils.

Enhydro Glow

A double Gold Award Winner for the 2021 Delicious Living Beauty and Body Awards!

Enhydro Glow is perfect for anyone looking for a balanced daily moisturizer.

Camellia, avocado oil, sea buckthorn seed oil, and the gentle scent of rose will leave your skin feeling nourished and smooth.

Cosmetic grade avocado oil is naturally soothing and moisturizing for skin.

Vitamin rich rose hip seed oil contains the plant form of retinol- Vitamin A. With its balance of fatty acids and rich plant antioxidants, rose hip seed oil is the perfect companion for sea buckthorn seed oil, keeping the texture of the product super light and easily absorbable by most skin types.

Almond oil is an excellent ingredient for improving skin complexion, soothing inflammation with fatty acids and vitamin E, and helps balance the lipid contents of skin.

This nutrient rich serum is perfect for anyone looking for a luxurious daily moisturizer with an extra kick of nutrition for the skin.

Enhydro Revive

A NEXTY Awards Finalist

Whether you’re fighting or trying to prevent signs of aging on your skin, there are a few key ingredients that can help a lot. ⠀

First of all, moisture is important for every skin type. Plant-based oils are the natural choice they have fatty acids that are nearly identical to the lipids in our skin. Another benefit is that they’re naturally loaded with vitamins that will keep skin looking youthful. ⠀

Enhydro Revive’s formula contains several plant oils that are high in Vitamin A (sources of retinol). Vitamin A helps skin with its anti-wrinkle, firming, and calming qualities.

Enhydro Revive won the 2021 Delicious Living 2021 Silver/Consumer Choice Beauty & Body Award in the Best New Product category and to its fans- it’s no surprise! It’s made of premium plant oils that have the age defying benefits that modern skincare customers are looking for. ⠀

Sea buckthorn seed oil provides Omega 3 and skin nourishing antioxidants. Moringa is perfect for invigorating skin with natural vitamin C, and the blend of jojoba and rosehip help give the pure oil serum it’s silky, luxurious texture.

Enhydro Calm

What do oily, dry, and combination skin all have in common? Many skin issues are caused by a lack of fats in the skin. The lack of one crucial fat can trigger sensitivities in many different people.

Fat is extremely important in our bodies, especially the skin. We have different specialized fatty acids that do specific jobs in our bodies. ⠀

Ceramides are a crucial part of the network of protective fatty acids that make up our skin. When ceramides are low, it’s easier for external irritants to break in, causing irritation!

The great news is that plant oils are an excellent way to nourish the fatty acid layer and help rebuild ceramides within the skin. ⠀

Enhydro Calm contains a multitude of oils that naturally contain ceramides, sea buckthorn seed oil, cosmetic grade olive oil, and sunflower oil. ⠀

Furthermore, the formula was created with other soothing ingredients like apricot seed oil, which was shown to improve skin hydration by spurring the production of ceramides and cholesterol which are both important parts of healthy skin.

This is just one of the ways that Enhydro Calm can soothe and help restore sensitive skin.

Quality and Authenticity

Maggie’s dream of an all-natural, affordable luxury serum has come true with the Enhydro line.

In less than a year, the line has already achieved great recognition and accolades. This all-natural, affordable luxury line is gaining loyal fans across the country.

Authenticity and purity always shine through to inspire trust and respect.

The Enhydro Line exemplifies these attributes and is a total reflection of the woman who brought them to life —Maggie Qiu.



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