Why We're Better: Sea Buckthorn Quality

An environmentally friendly, responsible company, SeabuckWonders has been in the sea buckthorn business longer than any company in North America.

We make the purest supplements and USDA-certified organic sea buckthorn oil with no unnecessary filler oils in a cGMP facility. We never use any genetically modified ingredients (GMOs).

Sea Buckthorn Oil Comparison

 As you can see, SeabuckWonders pure oils are vibrant and are in the correct color family for sea buckthorn oils. The competitor oils shown below are pale and dingy — you can tell just by the color that these oils are poorer quality and not pure sea buckthorn oil.

Why SeabuckWonders Is Better- How to Spot an Imposter Oil

The quality of our sea buckthorn starts with where it is grown. From Farm to Bottle, there is no other brand that comes close to SeabuckWonders quality.

Skincare Products Quality

We formulated our skincare line with one purpose in mind: to use the most sea buckthorn oil possible. Our aim is to make it easy for our customers to get the most sea buckthorn oil in every product. Read more about SeabuckWonders value per mg ›


The bright orange color in our products is the natural color of sea buckthorn — no dyes are used in our process. The difference is visible in our product! More about secrets of SeabuckWonders skincare ›

SeabuckWonders Products Have More Sea Buckthorn Oil Than Competitors

SeabuckWonders Skin Care products work great together. See how our WonderCare System can work for you.

How to Find the REAL Sea Buckthorn Oils

In the realm of online markets, an alarming trend has emerged, where some products labeled as pure sea buckthorn oil actually contain NO sea buckthorn AT ALL.

How can you tell the difference between genuine sea buckthorn oil and counterfeit ones? Watch this informative video with checkpoints that show the difference between our organic seabuckthorn oil and the fake oils.

How SeabuckWonders Products are Made

The quality of our products starts with the best crop of organic sea buckthorn berries. Tibetan sea buckthorn has the highest levels of nutrients and that's why we like it. It's native to the Himalayan Plateau, and that's where our crops are grown.

Best Quality - USDA Certified Organic

SeabuckWonders operates its own organic-certified raw material processing facility near our organic farm on the Tibetan plateau. The USDA certified organic sea buckthorn berries we use are of the best quality; our berry oil has the best nutrition and tests at 32-38% of omega-7, the highest level in the industry.

We harvest our own organic seabuckthorn berries every year. Each batch is thoroughly screened for heavy metals, microbes, pesticides, and other contaminates prior to shipping to the US. Read more about SeabuckWonders quality ›

Seabuckwonders Best Crop Of Organic Seabuckthorn Berries 2023

Extraction Process - How we Create Top Quality Sea Buckthorn Oil

The best method for creating top-quality sea buckthorn oil is CO2 Supercritical Extraction. We use this method to create our oils. Without the use of heavy solvents, there is no chance for contamination. Evaporated CO2 leaves virtually no residual solvent. CO2 extraction ensures that the highest amount of nutrients remain in the oil. The process uses very low temperatures, even lower than cold pressing. CO2 in a supercritical (think of dry ice) state passes through the plant materials, and separates the active ingredients and the rest of the plant materials. The pure seabuckthorn oils are the final product.

No Need to Isolate - Broad Spectrum Natural Plant-based Nutrients

The process of creating fish oil supplements requires isolating nutrients. That's why many fish oil supplements only contain one type of omega fatty acid in a capsule.Sea buckthorn oil has a rich array of omegas and antioxidants that work better together. Isolating omegas or other nutrients are not needed (or wanted). Isolated fatty acids tend to become unstable and go rancid.

SeabuckWonders Would Never Isolate Our Fatty Acids.

Purity - Safe on the Inside and Out

Our top-quality organic sea buckthorn oil is safe to use as an internal supplement as well as topically. You can feel safe using our oils and sharing our products with every member of your family- even your pets!

SeabuckWonders Organic Seabuckthorn berry harvest

Award-Winning Products From a Trusted Brand

SeabuckWonders is rooted in the natural food industry with almost 30 years of leading the sea buckthorn product category. Our products are currently sold in thousands of independent health food stores and natural food chain stores including retailers like Sprouts Farmers Market, Mother's Market, Erewhon, Good Earth Market, as well as large ecommerce retailers.


Our brand has won many awards from natural food industry publications and has been featured on major television channels including our most recent awards from Delicious Living Beauty & Body Awards and Summer Beauty Rescue Tips on ABC CT.


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