Plant-Based Omegas

Omega 7 has become an extremely popular supplement in recent years — with so many health and beauty benefits, it’s no wonder.

What makes sea buckthorn the superior source for Omega 7 and many other fatty acids? Plant oils usually have a complex network of nutrients. Sea buckthorn oils are a great example: they contain Omegas 3, 7, 6 & 9, plus natural vitamin E.

Sea buckthorn oil may not be a replacement for fish oil supplements in all cases, but is still a boon for overall health and wellness.

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Plant-Based Omega Benefits

Omega 3

Studies on plant based omega 3 show positive cardiovascular effects, possible protection against autoimmune disorders and healthy inflammation response.

Omega 6

Omega-6 is an essential fatty acid that can provide blood pressure support, support for eczema and plays an important role for brain function.

Omega 9

Omega-9 may help glucose and insulin levels stay in balance. Other studies show autoimmune/ inflammatory support as well as support for wound healing.

Omega 7

Omega 7 is a little known fatty acid that is amazing for health, wellness and beauty applications. It’s not very well known because it’s found in very few sources. It can be found in some fish and nuts- but the source with the highest amount of omega 7 is the sea buckthorn berry.

Sea buckthorn berry oil (the source of Omega 7) is a popular ingredient in beauty products and skin care. This amazing omega also does wonders for your overall health and wellness. Omega-7 can provide cellular health as well as moisture and can soothe the digestive system. It’s also great for beauty and anti-aging.

Omega-7 has shown promise for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels. Omega-7 may also to help smooth artery passages which helps artery walls stay strong.

More Omega 7 than Fish

Some fish contain small amounts Omega 7 and other EFAs. Since fish sources do not have much omega content, they must be highly processed. Sea buckthorn, on the other hand, already contains high amounts of Omega 7, 3, 6 & 9.

Plant Based Omegas Vs Fish Oil

Processing Methods

To get concentrated amounts of omegas from fish, lots of processing must occur. Many fish need to be used and the specific nutrients must be pulled from the material. Fish oil omega supplements are created by stripping down and isolating specific omegas. It takes a lot of harsh processing and high temperatures. The final fish oil product is far from natural.

Sea buckthorn seeds and berries only need to go through one process to create oil. We use only CO2 extraction, which results in the best quality oils. Since sea buckthorn is already high in omegas, there is no need for us to isolate and then concentrate them into supplements.

Oils that have not been isolated are more shelf stable. Fish oil doesn’t just taste bad because it’s made from fish. Isolated oils tend to go rancid much easier than whole oils. They smell bad and taste bad.

Sea buckthorn Oils vs Fish Oil for Omega 7

Better Nutrition & Quality

We wouldn’t want to isolate omega 7 from sea buckthorn because we’d lose so much! Sea buckthorn oil contains omega 7, 3, 6 & 9 plus natural antioxidants. These natural oils have so many benefits. Our customers use sea buckthorn oil as supplements and skincare. Sea buckthorn oils are so pure that they are safe to slather right on your skin or take orally. Plant based omegas have many applications that fish oil omegas simply can’t.


Plant based omega sources are simply more sustainable than fish sources. Our particular crop of sea buckthorn is Non-GMO project verified and USDA Organic Certified. These certifications help us ensure that our products are pure and that we have minimal impact on the environment when making our products.

Even at its best, the industrial fishing industry does more harm than good. Now more than ever, it’s crucial that we move away from these destructive methods so that we can protect our fragile environment. Plant based sources of omegas are just as good as and endlessly more sustainable than fish oil sources.


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