Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil Dropper

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil Dropper

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$15.97 - $34.97

Made from the pulp of the sea buckthorn berry, this oil provides one of the rarest omega fatty acids on earth - Omega 7. Sea buckthorn berry oil is a traditional herbal health and beauty supplement. This natural, plant based oil addresses many needs and has many uses.

  • Ideal for skin & beauty
  • Nourishes cell, tissue, and mucous membranes
  • Gastrointestinal relief
  • Healthy inflammation response
  • Feminine health
  • Omega 7

Take 1-2 droppers full daily for internal use. The oil may be taken directly into the mouth. You may add the oils to raw foods like smoothies if you wish. Do not cook or heat the oil.

Sea buckthorn berry oil is also great for topical use. For ongoing skin issues, add a drop to the affected area and massage into skin. Allow the oil to absorb into skin for at least 20 minutes. The oil is bright orange. It will not leave your skin permanently orange but it will be very bright on the surface of your skin depending on your skin tone.

Feel free to wipe or wash away access oil that has not been absorbed by the skin after 20 minutes. Do not sleep with the oil on your body, as the oil may turn the sheets orange. If fabric turns orange from oil, pretreat with water and detergent to prevent staining.

SeabuckWonders Berry Oil
USDA OrganicNon GMO project verifiedAshley Koff approved product Vegan Product

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Russell Kershaw
Great product!

Great for skin! Great for diet! I live seabuckthorne berry oil!

little old L

this stuff is beautiful! four drops is enough to cover my entire face, and it turns my caucasian skin the color of a certain disgraced president’s. however! the oil is completely absorbed within an hour and not a trace of color left. it’s the silkiest oil i’ve ever used. i’m combining it with the seed oil as an omega supplement, too, so it’s working inside and out. great customer service, too.

Tamar Lalazashvili

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil Dropper

Sherri Barbour
Sea buckthorn berry oil

I LOVE this oil! It is my favorite oil so far!! You can tell the quality the moment you put it on your skin.!

Chloe Dang
Love it

The taste isn’t a strength of this product BUT IT WORKS. I can see immediate changes on my skin
I’ve been struggling with acne since third grade and finally I can feel good skin for the first time


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