How to Take Sea Buckthorn Oil and its Many Uses

Sea buckthorn offers a variety of vitamins and minerals and all omega fatty acids, including the rare omega 7. It encompasses over 190 total bio-active nutrients. 

Taken internally, it offers comprehensive support from the inside out. Internal use also supports healthy skin and beauty. Sea buckthorn oil comes in two varieties- berry or seed oil and each have their own benefits.  

Vitamins and minerals are distributed throughout sea buckthorn plants. This means that each part of the plant has different health properties.

The plant as a whole is so nutritious that everything from the bark to the leaves are used in different forms. Our focus is the fruit of the plant which we use to make sea buckthorn oil.

Ingesting Sea Buckthorn Oil For Optimal Health

Dropper Bottle Oil Extracts

When you work with sea buckthorn oil, you’ll get a vast array of nutritional benefits. You can apply it topically without a carrier oil for cuts, wounds, healing, or general beauty enhancement. It can also be taken internally for healthy teeth and gums as well as a plethora of internal benefits.

Our sea buckthorn oil can be taken orally right out of the dropper. Not all sea buckthorn is safely indigestible depending on the way that it's processed. Our pure seed and berry oil are food grade, making them safe to take orally or slather on your skin.

It can be dropped into smoothies, salad dressing, sauces or any food or beverages that you make at home. Don't heat sea buckthorn oil (it could lose some of its nutrients) — add it to already cooked items.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Economical
  • Easy to use internally or topically
  • Purest form

Soft Gel Oil Extracts

Sea buckthorn soft gels are the most convenient way to take sea buckthorn oil. Our capsule products are always a best seller.

Sea buckthorn in a soft gel is the most convenient way to supplement with the oil. For those who dislike the taste or texture of oil, the soft gels offer an alternative for internal use. They can even be pinched open to release the oil for topical use. Dr. Oz recommended 500mg soft gels on his 2011 sea buckthorn segment.


  • Easy to take internally
  • Stable & travel ready
  • Pinch open to apply topically
  • No taste

If you aren’t sure which method will be best for you, check out this post.

External Uses of Sea Buckthorn Oil

Lotions and Creams

Sea buckthorn lotions and creams are an excellent way to harness the external benefits of sea buckthorn without dealing with the oil’s temporary skin staining. While it is always best to use the oil for deep penetration, the lotions and creams offer an option for daily use without anyone noticing.

Benefits of Oil

  • Sea buckthorn infused skin care
  • Non-staining
  • For daily use
  • Non-oily

Many common uses for Sea Buckthorn include:  Sea buckthorn oils for acne , sea buckthorn for wrinkles, sea buckthorn for skin lightneing and it also works wonders on cuts and burns. They can also be applied to rosacea and psoriasis.

Sea buckthorn oils work wonders on the skin, but keep in mind that both are very bright in color. Sea buckthorn berry oil is bright red to orange, and sea buckthorn seed oil is bright yellow. 

Other Ways to Use Pure Oil Topically

You can even add a few drops of your sea buckthorn oil to your existing personal care products. Here are some suggestions for skin care items that can be enhanced with sea buckthorn oil. Remember- a little goes a long way when it comes to sea buckthorn oil. Start with one drop and add more as needed.

  • Hair Conditioner – Get silky, shiny hair with less frizz and a healthier scalp
  • Shaving Cream – Moisturize skin, get a closer shave
  • Facial and Body Lotion – Get smoother, more supple skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes and Rosacea
  • Mouthwash – Sea buckthorn berry oil is great for supporting the delicate tissues of the gums
  • Sunscreen – Extra protection against UV induced stress


Sea Buckthorn Berry vs Seed Oil Benefits

Berry Oil

The berry oil is loaded with omega 7, which makes it perfect for boosting the moisture and health of the skin. You might choose to use the berry oil on your skin if you are suffering from chronic dryness. If your skin is scarred from acne or other reasons, omega 7 can help break down the scar tissue. For scars, massage the oil into the affected areas to help break down the tissue.

To help fight scars before they even happen and promote healing, add a drop of sea buckthorn oil to cuts and burns (after sanitizing). Weekly treatments with sea buckthorn berry oil may help balance out skin that is dry in some areas and oily in others. Overall, it's great for helping nourish skin that is effected by issues like psoriasis, eczema or acne.

How to Take Sea Buckthorn Oil

The berry oil makes a great weekly treatment mask. We created a guide to show you the best way to do a sea buckthorn berry oil mask here.

Seed Oil 

Sea buckthorn seed oil is high in Omega 3 and antioxidants. Because it’s a much lighter color oil than sea buckthorn berry oil, it makes a great daily treatment for the skin. This oil also absorbs much more quickly than sea buckthorn berry oil. Since this oil is also rich in fatty acids, it’s great for moisturizing the skin. Because of its antioxidant content, it can also be good for dark spots on the skin and wrinkles.

After washing your face, add a drop or two to your fingertips and massage into your face and neck. The oil will act as a serum and deliver nutrients into the deeper layers of your skin. Add a layer of facial cream to seal in moisture throughout the day.

 How to Take Sea Buckthorn Oil

Don’t be afraid to mix sea buckthorn oils! They work great together and play well with other carrier oils. Experiment to create a custom blend!

About Omegas 6 & 9 for Topical Use

Each kind of sea buckthorn oil is balanced with omegas 6 & 9. Sea buckthorn oil is special because it has a balanced ratio of fatty acids. Omega 6 is known to stimulate the skin cell growth and may fight inflammation. Omega 9 has anti-inflammatory, skin-softening and moisturizing properties.

Convenient Skin Care Line

If you aren’t into a DIY approach, don’t forget our full skincare line. Our skincare products have the highest amount of sea buckthorn oil compared to any other brand. We have determined the perfect ratio for high amounts of sea buckthorn oil without making the products greasy. Our skincare line is the easiest way to use sea buckthorn oil topically, every single day. 

For best results, especially for skin issues, we suggest using sea buckthorn oils both internally and externally.


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