Our Commitment to the Environment

Native Crops are Best

Sea buckthorn is an amazing and resilient plant. It adapts to harsh weather and rough terrain. This plant seems to always find a way to survive, even the most unexpected places. The best quality sea buckthorn oils come from high altitude areas with harsh weather. We found that the best quality sea buckthorn is grown in the Tibetan Plateau.

 SeabuckWonders uses sustainable farming practices for our sea buckthorn crop

Harsh temperatures and high altitude force the plant to develop more nutrition. Known as the “Roof of the World,” the Tibetan Plateau is close to three miles above sea level. The average elevation is 14,800 ft. in this region! The most nutritious kind of sea buckthorn berry – Tibetana – is native there.

Our goal in growing sea buckthorn is to let the natural perfection of the plant shine through. Native crops thrive and are beneficial to the environment around them. That's how chose the best place to farm and the best subspecies of sea buckthorn in the world.

Our Growing Practices

Unlike most companies that sell sea buckthorn oil, we have our own crop of sea buckthorn. That means we have control over every aspect of quality. We adhere to organic farming techniques and fair trade practices and ensure that our crops cause no damage. Sea buckthorn boosts nitrogen levels in soil and support their native habitat.

 Our sea buckthorn is grown sustainably

Our farmers practice sustainable harvesting methods. Our sea buckthorn harvest occurs when the berries have reached maturity. The branches that the berries come from are to re-fruit the following year. We leave the majority of the plant intact, to continue to grow for the next season’s harvest. This type of farming supports healthy trees and are a more sustainable method.

Sustainable for Plants and People

Organic farming methods promote the health and wellness of the workers. We don't want anyone along our supply chain exposed to toxic pesticides. This is another important reason for growing a native crop. Native crops thrive well on their own without too much help from humans. We provide safe working conditions and fair pay for the people who harvest and tend to our crops.

SeabuckWonders Supports Fair Labor Practices

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