Why Choose Sea Buckthorn Oil Over Juice

Superior Benefits

Sea buckthorn is tremendous. It has just about every nutrient the body needs! Vitamins, flavonoids, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, you name it! One of the most important, and unique, components of sea buckthorn is its impressive array of every essential fatty acid. It contains Omega 3, 6, and 9, as well as the rare Omega-7 which help tremendously with inflammation response. When combined, sea buckthorn offers a synergistic health blast to the body fortifying and beautifying from the inside-out. Unfortunately, sea buckthorn juice doesn't maintain this impressive essential fatty acid profile. If it did, the juice would be quite oily!

The truth is sea buckthorn juice loses many of its nutrients when its manufactured. Since sea buckthorn is so acidic, the berries are crushed, heavily diluted with water (often 5:1 or more), and sweetened with other juices or sweetening agents. A product can claim to be 100% sea buckthorn juice if its only other ingredient is water.  Hence, the juice can be mostly water with little to no juice and still claim 100% purity.

Sea buckthorn oil on the other hand, is extracted from the sea buckthorn berry. It's in a much more concentrated form which contains all the nutrients and especially the essential fatty acids that sea buckthorn berry can offer. These essential fatty acids aid the body's natural inflammation response. Convenient and ultra concentrated Sea buckthorn juice is quite bitter and very tart. Most consumers find it unpleasant.  

Fortunately, taking one soft-gel of our Omega-7 Complete is nutritionally equivalent of taking several servings of sea buckthorn juice!  Our sea buckthorn oils are 100% pure (no diluting!) and USDA certified organic. Only SeabuckWonders's sea buckthorn oil offers the highest natural Omega-7 content in the market. Dr. Oz recommended taking 500mg soft gels of sea buckthorn oil daily ... we were involved with that show!  

Read more on Dr Oz. and Sea Buckthorn. By the time sea buckthorn juice is bottled, chilled, and shipped to its final destination its costs have increased substantially. Besides drinking an almost unbearable juice with a diminished nutritional profile and questionable purity, you're also paying for the logistics behind it. Why pay more when you can enjoy greater benefits at a more reasonable cost with Omega-7 Complete. You can even try our Berry Oil or Seed Oil and drop the extracted oils right in your favorite juice!


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