Why Choose Sea Buckthorn Oil Over Juice

More Familiar, But Not Necessarily Better

While not many consumers have heard of using sea buckthorn oil as a health or beauty supplement, many more have heard of sea buckthorn juice. Most people, especially in North America, are familiar with fruit juices. The idea of taking a daily supplement from fruit oil is something that is only now becoming popular.

Despite its prevalence in the marketplace, sea buckthorn juice isn’t the best choice when it comes to getting the best nutrition from sea buckthorn.

The Nutritional Breakdown

Sea buckthorn juice typically is recommended at a 1 fl ounce serving — which is about the size of a shot glass. If you are looking for Omega 7, a serving of sea buckthorn juice will get you about about 134 mg. One serving of SeabuckWonders Omega 7 complete is much smaller — only 1000 mg and provide up to 304 mg! This isn’t the only fatty acid that you get much more of in sea buckthorn oil products.

Sea buckthorn Oil Vs Juice- Which is Better?


As you can see in the chart above, you need to take much more sea buckthorn juice to get the same amount of nutrients as a pure sea buckthorn oil product. While a bottle of supplements may seem more expensive on the shelf, you are typically getting half (or even less) the amount of serving sizes from sea buckthorn juice that you get from a sea buckthorn oil supplement. It may cost less for a bottle of juice upfront, but you will pay more down the line as you quickly drink up your bottle.

Taste and Dilution

Sea buckthorn berries are very acidic and have a very sour or pungent smell and flavor. When the berries are crushed to make sea buckthorn juice, they must be heavily diluted with water (often 5:1 or more). Most sea buckthorn juice is sweetened with other juices or sugar to make it palatable. Even then, most people find the taste of sea buckthorn juice unpleasant. This becomes problematic because most people want to take sea buckthorn as a health supplement. They aren’t expecting a big dose of sugar along with it!

Products can claim 100% sea buckthorn juice on their labels- as long as the only other ingredient is water. That means the product can be mostly water with little to no juice and still claim 100% pure on the label! Sea buckthorn products can be pricey- why spend so much on something that’s watered down?

SeabuckWonders supplments are all made from pure, 100% sea buckthorn oils. The only processing involved is CO2 Supercrticial Extraction- which preserves much of the nutrition in the final oil product. There is no sour or bitter flavor in sea buckthorn oils whatsoever. They have a much more pleasant botanical or nutty taste.

Sea buckthorn oils are much more cost effective and tastier than juice!

Sea Buckthorn Oil is Better Than Juice 

It's easy to see that sea buckthorn oil supplements are the better choice. When it comes to nutrition, price and even taste sea buckthorn oil beats juice every time. Even though sea buckthorn juice may feel like a more comfortable option, sea buckthorn oil supplements will always give you more nutrition and a lot more for your money.



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