Omega-7 Health Benefits

By Admin Email , published Jul 15, 2016

An Ancient Wonder

For thousands of years as people from Greece to Asia used sea buckthorn as a health and beauty remedy. The ancients knew there was something special about the oils made from these berries. They didn't know that they were getting omega-7 health benefits.

 Modern science proves they were right. Sea buckthorn berries contain a myriad of complex vitamins and nutrients. Best of all, they are high in palmitoleic acid which is also known as omega-7.


Omega-7 Health Benefits

  • Omega-7 may increase insulin sensitivity.
  • May Suppress Inflammation
  • In studies, palmitoleic acid improved glucose homeostasis (blood sugar balance)
  • May help to fight Metabolic Syndrome
  • May fight elevated cholesterol levels

Why Sea Buckthorn is Best

Omega-7 can come from other sources but it is highest in sea buckthorn. One of the better-known sources for this fatty acid is fish oil. Palmitoleic acid from fish oil is usually touted as “purified” which implies superiority in quality.

Omega-7 Health Benefits 


Omega-7 Molecule[/caption] What purified is referring to in this case is the process of isolating the omega-7 from the rest of the oil. Because there isn’t much omega-7 found in fish, it is extracted and isolated. Generally speaking, the isolation process isn’t pure. It requires heavy processing with high temperatures and heavy solvents. Most people are aware of the negative impact industrial fishing has on the environment. Did you know that the quality of isolated fish oil is also much less than that of pure plant oils? Check this article out for more on that. Sea buckthorn needs far less processing than fish oil because of its high omega-7 levels. Furthermore, it’s also a completely sustainable and beneficial crop.

Palmitic Acid?

Have you heard that palmitic acid in sea buckthorn “negates the benefits of omega-7”?  Don’t worry, that is not true!  Read this article about why these claims are false. Sea buckthorn oil extracted with C02 as ours has lots of nutrients. It is so complex in nutrition that you wouldn’t want to isolate it.



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