The Effects of Palmitic Acid in Sea buckthorn Products

You may have noticed recently negative press regarding the effects of Palmitic acid. These claims are misleading and we want to provide consumers with the facts. Would like to clear the air and lay to rest any doubts or concerns raised by this information.

Understanding the Information That is Out There  

You may have heard that palmitic acid can cause inflammation, negatively effect good cholesterol levels thus endangering heart health and effect insulin response causing problems for diabetics. The truth behind this information lies in understanding the application of the study which it came from.

  • The negative effects outlined in this study where from Isolated Palmitic Acid.
  • When applied by itself in a study, Palmitic Acid had negative effects.
  • Palmitic Acid does not exist by itself or in an isolated form within food or supplements.                       

 So how does palmitic acid behave in it’s natural form? Palmitic Acid doesn’t hurt our bodies when we consume it in food because it is balanced in food (and in our bodies) with something called oleic acid, you may also know it as Omega 9. Foods that are high in palmitic acid almost always are high in oleic acid or Omega 9, too. Nature has a way of balancing itself out. If for some reason the level of palmitic acid in your blood became too high from something you ate, your liver will use something called Delta 9 desaturase to modify the palmitic acid to make it suitable for your body.  

Debunking the Hype: Learn More about Palmitic Acid

  • Olive oil has about 20% of palmitic acid, just like sea buckthorn oil
  • Human breast milk is nearly 70% Palmitic Acid
  • Sodium Palminate (the form that is used in foods and other products) is an approved ingredient in Organic products.
  • The fat that protects our lungs is Palmitic Acid, it exists naturally in our bodies!

When we look at facts, we can see that there is nothing to fear when it comes to Palmitic Acid in our food products and supplements. Sea buckthorn is still the most balanced and nutritionally robust source of Omega-7s. Seabuckwonders oils and products are made with the purest extraction method available, giving you the very best that the super berry has to offer. We are Non-GMO verified, certified organic and stand behind the safety and goodness of our products 100%.

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