Nail Health 101

published Jul 16, 2015

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SeabuckWonders seabuckthorn oil is great for nail health

Finger and toe nails are made of Keratin, which is a protein. The part of the nail where new keratin comes out is referred to as the matrix. It’s located at the very bottom beneath your skin and beneath the plate that is your nail. When your body produces new Keratin, the old keratin is pushed out of the matrix and thus, the nail is born!

If your nails are healthy, they should be a consistent color and they will be smooth to the touch without divets. Just like your teeth and hair, your nails need to be properly cared for. Cutting your nails with a good pair of clippers (sharp) will improve nail health. Make sure to follow up with a nice file to smooth the edges. Loose edges can cause breakage which could lead to injury or infection, yuck. Taking a break from nail polish at least once a month will certainly help keep your nails in good form.

Omegas help keep the layers of keratin that make up your nails hydrated. If you notice that your nails are flaky and falling apart, you should make sure that you are getting enough omegas in your diet. Sea buckthorn seed oil has Omega-3, 6, 9; the berry oil has Omega-7, and very small amounts of 6 & 9. It’s important to have a balanced mix of Omegas and sea buckthorn has it. Using moisturizing oils directly on your nails as a treatment works wonders and even using a regular moisturizing body lotion will do the trick.

Biotin supports cell production and growth. It contributes to the production of amino acids which are the building blocks of protein, one of which is Keratin. A symptom of a biotin deficiency can show up in the as thin or brittle nails.

Go to your doctor if your nails hurt, are excreting pus, are exceptionally thick or just seem to be looking out of the ordinary. Sometimes, ridges in the nails can be a symptom of eczema which may be hard to distinguish without the help of a physician. If your nail starts curling or changing shape, that should be a cause for concern as well.

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