Omega-7 Complete

Omega-7 Complete

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$29.99 - $49.99

Award Winning Formula

2021 Delicious Living Beauty & Body Awards Winner

Skin Supplement Category:

Gold Consumer Choice & Silver Retailer Choice

2020 Delicious Living Beauty & Body Awards Winner

Hair Supplement Category:

Silver Consumer Choice 


Omega-7 complete is a blend of sea buckthorn seed and berry oil. It's the easiest way to get all the benefits of sea buckthorn oil! This natural blend addresses many needs and has many uses.

Sea buckthorn berry oil is the best source for omega 7. It has the highest concentration of omega 7 in nature. Unlike other sources, no harsh processing is needed.

Omega 7 Complete is a customer favorite and our best selling product. That's because with one capsule, you get all of the benefits that sea buckthorn has to offer. The blend can address many health issues and support overall health and wellness.

Overall Dryness- Perfect for support of chronic dryness conditions. Helps restore the natural moisture in your body from the inside out.

Health Benefits- Supports the health of your digestive system, liver, heart and immunity.

Skin Health & Beauty- Rich with omegas, this blend is perfect for supporting the health of your skin. It even helps to support the luster and health of your hair and nails. 

Take 2 to 4 capsules daily. Can be taken with or without food.


SeabuckWonders Omega 7 Complete

Gel Cap Ingredient: Kosher Gelatin (Beef Based)

Certified Kosher ProductAshley Koff Approved ProductGluten Free Product

Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Just Grace

I am diabetic. It has allowed me to feel calm because I think I am metabolizing sugar better. It prolongs the time I can go without eating to 5 or 6 hours which helps me keep my blood sugar low.

Kathleen Seber
Good Product

I have been using Xiidra for my very dry eyes for the last eight months along with a high quality fish oil. I decided to buy this Omega-7 Complete product to try to help give my eyes a little extra moisture boost. I've been taking it now for 2 months and I believe that they are working very well for me. I can now wake up without my eyes being so dry that I can barely open my them without having to put my other eye drops in immediately. It is enough of an improvement that I will continue to purchase Omega-7 Complete. It is also very beneficial in improving the condition of my dry skin.

The Omega-7 Complete is Great!

Been on the Omega-7 Complete for about a month now. I started with 2 pills a day; however, didn't get the results I wanted so I began taking 4 pills a day. Four pills a day has been great! I started using this due to hormonal changes since I'm getting very close to post-menopause. It really helped with all the dryness that fluctuating/declining hormones can cause.

Lora B.
Brand new eyeballs

I have an autoimmune that dries up my eyes to the point of distorted vision . Three days into taking this supplement and my vision has gone back to normal. I’m extremely satisfied with my experience.

Elizabeth Hastry

Omega-7 Complete


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