7 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Omegas From Plants

By Admin Email , published Nov 4, 2014

These days, it's common knowledge that we need omega fatty acids in our diets. The majority of the population does not get enough Omegas in their diets.
 Most people don’t know that Omegas can come from sources other than fish. Plant sources of omega beat fish in many areas.
7) Plant oils need less processing than fish
Omega 7 has become one of the most sought after omegas in recent years. There are small amounts of Omega 7 in some fish. The process used to extract Omegas from fish requires heavy industrial methods. These heavy processes must take place to extract and concentrate omegas from fish. In short, the final product is far from natural and creates an unstable oil product.
Plant oils, like the kind we make from sea buckthorn, don't need to processed as much as fish. Sea buckthorn already has high amounts of omegas. That means we do not need to isolate or concentrate the omegas. We use a gentle process that keeps as much of the nutrients and different types of omegas as possible. Isolation of nutrients also has negative effects on the final oil product. That brings us to our next point...
6) Taste and smell
Anyone who has experienced fish oil supplements knows that they tend to stink. This isn't only because fish themselves stink. Fish oils are unstable due to the processing methods used to make them. That means that they tend to go rancid. It makes them taste and smell bad.
5) Lack of nutrients
Not only are fish oils unstable, they tend to have only one omega in them. Plant based oils usually have a whole host of nutrients and vitamins. Sea buckthorn oil is amazing because it has omegas 3, 6, 9 & 7 plus natural antioxidants. You get more nutrients from plant based oils than fish oil.
4)Extra ingredients
Plant oils are more stable than fish oils. This means they can sit on a shelf at room temperature without rotting. Most fish oil supplements need other kinds of oils or ingredients added to preserve them. So when you think you are buying fish oil, you are usually buying fish oil, plus a preservative and flavoring.
When you take plant based omega supplements, you are getting the purest ingredients. SeabuckWonders uses only pure sea buckthorn oil in our supplements. There is no need to add anything else.
3) Plant oils are free of pollutants
The fish oil industry has tried to clean up it's act in recent years. Still, the fact is that wild caught fish are susceptible to contamination. It's difficult to ensure that fish oils are free from environmental pollutants.
Since most plant based omegas come from farmed crops, the likely hood of contamination is low. Our sea buckthorn crops are grown in a pristine area of Tibet. We ensure purity with Non- GMO project certification and USDA Organic certification.
2) Sustainability
The fishing industry is trying to change how they source fish. Despite these efforts, industrial fishing is still not sustainable.
Industrial fishing kills unintended wildlife and coral reefs. These practices are responsible for wiping out entire species of fish. Industrial fishing farms endanger our precious waterways with pollution and invasive species. Responsible farming of crops is the most sustainable method for creating omega supplements.
1) Everyone can take plant based oils
No matter what dietary preference or food allergy you may have, plant based oils are usually safe. These days food allergies and special dietary needs are prevalent. Plant based oils are the safest for the largest group of people.
Why choose to support these destructive methods when you can get Omegas from plants? Even if you are not a vegetarian, it’s clear that plant based Omegas are the best choice!
Read more about SeabuckWonders commitment to environmental responsibility here 
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