What Makes Our Oils "Wildcrafted"?

By Seabuck Staff , published Jul 10, 2020

In the world of natural beauty, a new term has been gaining traction. This term is “wildcrafted”. Wildcrafted has a very different meaning than natural or organic. While this term is not yet regulated, it does carry a very important significance. All our oils are wildcrafted, and we are glad to explain what that means.

What is “Wildcrafted”?

There are currently no certifications to deem products wildcrafted. Yet, there is a set of guidelines to follow to be considered wildcrafted. Many of these qualifications are very similar to what it takes to get organic certification. Our oils are certified organic, as well as wildcrafted. Here are some of the practices we follow that align with the wildcrafted guidelines:

Gain Permission from the Landowner

This is an easy one for us: we own our own crop of sea buckthorn plants! We grow them in the best possible environment, the high altitudes of the Tibetan Plateau.

Wildcrafted Oils from Seabuckwonders

This area produces the highest quality sea buckthorn plant. It is a native plant here, and isn't an invasive species. We chose the Tibetana sea buckthorn subspecies not only because it is native to the region, but for its superior nutrition.

Some studies have shown that sea buckthorn grown in the high altitudes and difficult conditions of the Tibetan Plateau are more nutritious than sea buckthorn grown elsewhere.

Leave Harvest Areas in Better Condition Than You Found It

Using a plant that is native to the area reduces environmental issues that arise when farming modified crops.

Our crops are all non-GMO and grow with very little interference from human hands. Thus, sea buckthorn is a natural part of that environment. In fact, the plant even contributes to the environment around it. Sea buckthorn crops naturally boost nitrogen levels in the soil they are grown in. 

Use the Correct Plant 

There are many subspecies and varieties of sea buckthorn and any other natural herb or plant. When the wrong species of an herb or plant is used as an ingredient, many problems can occur.

When adulteration in this form occurs, the quality of the ingredients might not match what the product claims to sell. This can happen by accident or because lack of knowledge, and is an easy mistake to make.

Sea buckthorn oil has become so popular an ingredient that many companies want to add the ingredient. Without the knowledge of the plant's species and lack of a great source, many companies use subpar or even false sea buckthorn oils in their products. We grow our own, exclusive crop of sea buckthorn plants, so this kind of adulteration simply can't happen.

Our sea buckthorn oil comes directly from our farm in the Tibetan Plateau.

If you're not feeling sure about the sea buckthorn ingredient in your product, there are a few tell-tale signs that you'll see on the packaging. This guide will help you learn more about what the label on your sea buckthorn product is really telling you.

Use Sustainable Harvesting

Our farm grows only indigenous sea buckthorn plants. So, they're not just better in quality, they are grown in a protected environment. The harvest occurs when plants are are healthy and abundant. Using sustainable growth methods in the plant's native region, we protect this native species and do not damage the land.

Farming with the natural seasons of the plant means that there is a limited amount of oil produced at harvest time. While it may not seem like a smart business move, it allows us to protect the environment and the crop itself. 

Don't Use Pesticides

Our farm on the Plateau is Organic Certified and must adhere to a strict code. No harsh pesticides or chemicals may be used. Our soil is also organically fertilized, so no chemical contaminants ever touch our crops. We do this to protect not only the plants but our workers on the farm as well. This is the safest and most ethical way to farm the sea buckthorn plant.

Create Ethical Farming Jobs

Our farm offers job opportunities to people in the small mountainous region of the Tibetan Plateau near our farm. In addition to fair wages, we only use safe methods of farming and harvest- with no dangerous machinery or harsh pesticides.


Collect Plants in the Proper Growing Phase

Wildcrafted Oils by Seabuckwonders

Sea buckthorn berries should only be harvested when the plants have reached maturity. We only source berries from sections of the plant, insuring its health for the next season. Harvesting only when a plant has reached maturity and is ready to release its fruit is important.

The Wildcrafted Difference

When you buy wildcrafted products, you support environmentally friendly farming operations. Choosing wildcrafted means you're choosing ethically manufactured products and supporting companies who are committed to doing the right thing.

Seabuckwonders oils are 100% wildcrafted. We work hard to product the best quality oils in the most ethical and environmentally friendly way. Not only can sea buckthorn oil improve your health, you can feel good about your purchase when you choose Seabuckwonders products.

Our Wildcrafted Oils

Seabuckwonders oils are 100% wildcrafted. We work hard to product the best quality oils in the most ethical and environmentally friendly way. Not only can sea buckthorn oil improve your health, you can feel good about your purchase when you choose Seabuckwonders products.




Written by Seabuck Staff

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