Sea Buckthorn for Men's Health

By Seabuck Staff , published Jun 16, 2016

Men's Health

Many of us look at the fathers in our lives and think that they are invincible! Dad's health needs just as much attention as anyone else. Sea buckthorn is the best option is for men's health. The great news is that sea buckthorn's benefits cover many of the health concerns faced by men today.


Health Benefits

Sea buckthorn berries are bright orange due to carotenoids. So, they act as antioxidants in the body and have many positive health effects. These include anti-inflammatory benefits and hypotensive effects. Another important component is phytosterol, also known as plant sterol. Found in the cell membranes of sea buckthorn, sterols can help heart health. Studies show that Omega-7 may fight metabolic disorder. As a result, it may improve insulin sensitivity and reduce inflammation.

Men's health is often overlooked. How can sea buckthorn help mens health?

Men's Health and Sea Buckthorn's Antioxidants

As we have mentioned, sea buckthorn is high in antioxidants. There are many studies showing the relation between men's health and antioxidant consumption. Patients given an antioxidant had a 40% less chance of redeveloping polyps in one study.  Men consuming foods with antioxidants and cartenoids had less urinary tract health symptoms. As you know, sea buckthorn is full of natural carotenoids and antioxidants. Finally, one study followed a group of men trying to conceive. Those on antioxidants had a higher chance of a healthy pregnancy with their partners.  


What Products Do We Recommend?

To address some of the needs we have covered in this article, we suggest Omega-7 Complete. It's a best seller because it has so many benefits for health. Also, it comes in a convenient gel cap for ease of use. It contains a blend of both the seed and berry oil so you get all the benefits from both. Not everyone can swallow capsules. So, we would suggest the Seed Oil or Berry Oil droppers for the same benefits. Sea buckthorn oil has many health benefits that are perfect for Dad's health!      


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