No Microbeads in SeabuckWonders Products!

By Admin Email , published Jan 5, 2016

Are microbeads used in our products? Absolutely not! Yesterday we got a few calls into our home office with customers concerned about our Exfoliating Facial containing this ingredient. We wanted to take a moment to talk about the natural alternative that we have always used.


According to the Alliance for the Great Lakes"Microbeads are tiny synthetic plastic particles used as an abrasive in many personal-care and beauty products, such as facial scrubs, soaps and toothpastes. When consumers use personal-care products containing microbeads, these tiny plastic particles don’t dissolve. Instead, they are rinsed down the drain and, because of their small size and buoyancy, microbeads escape treatment by sewage plants and are discharged into our rivers and lakes."

 Microbeads not in SBW products

Microbeads are now banned in the USA for their polluting effects and negative impact on wildlife.

The gritty beads that are in our exfoliating cleanser are made of Jojoba Esters. Jojoba esters are tiny beads made from the wax of the Jojoba plant. They are biodegradeable, truly natural and not harmful to the environment.

So breathe a sigh of relief! You won’t have to stop using your favorite exfoliating cleanser! Not sure why you should use an exfoliating cleanser? Gentle exfoliation is great for your complexion, find out why here.

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