Natural Beauty Hacks

You’ve heard of sea buckthorn oil for its use in nutritional supplements. High quality sea buckthorn oils are perfect for both internal & external use. If you have a beauty issue, sea buckthorn oil may be the solution! This guide will go over common beauty issues and the natural beauty hacks that can help you.

Dark Spots 

Sea buckthorn seed oil contains natural vitamin E. Not only can it support the cellular health of your skin, the seed oil can help brighten your complexion as well. This is especially useful for those with dark sun spots or sun damage. After you wash your face but before you put on your facial cream, add a dab of sea buckthorn seed oil to effected areas. Your skin will absorb the oil within a few minutes and then you add a layer of facial cream to seal in the moisture.


Very dry skin may stem from skin cells that are not functioning the way they're meant to. Omegas and antioxidants can help restore moisture in skin cells. These nutrients also enable cells to better hold moisture long term. Both the seed and berry oil help on dry areas of skin. Sea buckthorn berry oil is a great weekly treatment. Sea buckthorn seed oil works great as a daily topical treatment.


Lackluster Hair 

Does your hair disappoint you? Sea buckthorn oils are amazing for your hair. They provide moisture and can help support your hair on a cellular level. One way to deal with dry ends is with a simple sea buckthorn oil hair mask. Try this simple recipe for big results. If your hair troubles have lasted a while, you should consider internal supplementation. Ultimate Hair, Skin and Nails is the perfect supplement for you. Fatty acids and supporting nutrients will help restore your natural beauty over time.

Nails That Break

Many people suffer from weak fingernails. If you want to give natural nails a real shot, sea buckthorn oil may do the trick. Fatty acids and antioxidants are great for strengthening nails. It also contains natural vitamin E which is great for helping dry, flaky nails. Use this amazing DIY nail care treatment to pamper your nails. To double up on healthy nail benefits try Ultimate Hair, Skin & Nails. It will give you the internal boost you need for natural beauty.

Neglected Décolletage 

Don’t ignore your neck and upper torso when it comes to skin care! After you shower, massage sea buckthorn seed oil in your neck and upper chest area. This area is often forgotten and the long term effects can be sagginess and wrinkles- so hop on it!

Lack of Nutrition 

Boosting your health with a gentle detox is a great way to keep your skin looking great. For everyday beauty support, try making a nutrient filled smoothie. Looking for inspiration? Check out this recipe that we developed for a natural detox.

Imbalanced Skin skin

There are many symptoms of Imbalanced skin. Whether it's chronic imperfections or too much oil, sea buckthorn may be able to help. Even though we may not see it that way, skin is a complex organ. Skin that is not nourished and hydrated can’t function how it's meant to. Sea buckthorn oil can support the natural processes within the skin. Don’t only use sea buckthorn oils on the skin as a topical treatment. Try external and internal use to help rebalance the systems at work beneath your skin. Try this weekly face mask to boost skin health.

Sea buckthorn oils can help address many beauty issues. It’s so versatile that it's perfect for your everyday beauty routine. It’s easy to customize your sea buckthorn oil usage to find the perfect solution to your problem. We created a guide which will teach you what products to use for your skin type which you can find here.


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