Last Minute Unique Mother’s Day Gifts and Activities

By Angela Rightout , published May 10, 2019

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is literally two days away, which means if you haven't purchased a gift yet or planned out an activity, you need to act fast!  But thankfully, we’re here to assist. Keep reading to find out some fun and easy unique Mother’s day gifts ideas and activities that will make any mom feel appreciated--most activities can be done at home.  

Mothers Day Activities

Plan a Tea Party

If you have one of those fancy schmancy moms or a mother who simply loves a good cup of tea. Plan her a tea party. It’s nice and simple and can be quite fun. If you don’t already have a tea set, purchase a matching set and invite your mother and your aunts or all the mothers in your life over to your home for teatime. Make sure you have those cute little desserts that pair well with tea like crumpets, macaroons and shortbread cookies. Set out a flower centerpiece for your table and enjoy. Even better, if you have a backyard patio, have tea time on the patio. During your tea party, you can present the special ladies with their Mother’s day gifts. See below for gift ideas.

Plan a Tea Part for Mother's Day

Pots & Paint or Just Paint

Painting can be so fun and you don’t have to go anywhere to enjoy it. Of course, there are tons of paint classes that offer wine or even encourage you to bring your own bottle. But what if you’re low on money and don’t want to or can’t pay for the class. All you have to do is purchase some canvases that can be found in most retail stores and some paint color. Invite the mother’s in your life over and have fun. If you don’t want to paint on canvases you can buy plain pottery vases and have each mom paint and decorate their own vase. If you’re doing vases, present each mom with their favorite flower for their vase before they go home. Also, ensure you have food and drinks available and remember to lay paper or towels down so you don’t ruin your floors.  

Paint with your mom for Mother's Day

Bottle a Fragrance

Most people love to smell good and moms are no exception. Do a quick google search in your city for a bottle your own scent class. These classes usually involve an expert guiding you through blending essential oils to create your own custom fragrance and each person takes home their own new personal fragrance. This activity also works great from men who want to treat their moms, as these classes help men find their fragrance too.

Host a Mother’s Day Brunch

Restaurants can be quite busy on Mother’s Day. If you've waited to the last minute to score a reservation at a delicious brunch spot you may have already missed out. But that doesn’t mean you still can't have brunch. Host brunch at your home. To make it special, have a floral arrangement as a centerpiece and ensure you have place settings on the table. You can also create place cards in Microsoft Word for the special women in your life.  Cook them a nice meal and make sure you have a champagne bar filled with a few bottles of their favorite champagnes and wines plus different types of citrus juices like pineapple, orange and mango. If you’re the son or husband who’s hosting this brunch--it may be fun for the ladies to let them be while you spoil them by serving them their brunch. If the weather permits and you have a patio, take your brunch outdoors.

Have Brunch at Home for Mother's Day

Gift Ideas


Although it’s 2019, there’s still nothing like a nice book to curl up with. If the mom in your life enjoys reading, a book series will put a smile on her face. Make sure the book series you buy has a storyline that is in her favorite genre. Wrap it up with a bow for a nice added touch.

Books are Great Mother's Day Gifts

Garden Love

This is for the outdoorsy mom who likes to garden. Buy her plants she can plant along with beautiful pots and planters. Make sure you buy soil too. If you don’t want to buy already bloomed plants, you can purchase plant seeds so she can grow them herself. If the mom you’re celebrating has a nice sized backyard, you can purchase a hammock that will go nicely in her garden. Some are sold for as little as $50 bucks.  If you purchased the book set, this may be a great add on for relaxation.

Give Her a Break

If the mom you’re celebrating still has young children--babysit! This idea works great for a friend of a mother or the sister of a mother. Mom’s need a break too and for some, getting that break can be difficult with young children, work and daily household duties. Babysitting may be appreciated. If you can’t babysit right away, or she’s not ready for your offer-- write out an IOU for a specific date or month along with a gift card for dinner and a movie.

Babysitting for Mother's Day

Make a Gift Basket

There are so many things you can include in a gift basket that does not have to be expensive. You can head to your local dollar store, Walmart or Target to purchase a basket and include miniature size lotions, shampoos, facial masks and oils in the basket. Or you can make a themed basket based on the likes of the mom you’re celebrating. If she loves coffee you can make a coffee themed basket filled with chocolate pairings, different coffee samples, coffee shop gift cards and of course a cute mom mug!

Get Her Some SeabuckWonders

Of course, any mom would be happy to get some SeabuckWonders’ products. Our sea buckthorn oils, facial cleanser and facial cream would make a great addition to any gift basket especially if you’re creating beauty or pamper themed baskets. Plus our products promote overall good health and beautiful skin. The Omega 7 Complete contains both the sea buckthorn berry and seed oil. It promotes a healthy immune response and it supports a healthy heart, liver, and cholesterol. Plus it promotes cervical health.

SeabuckWonders makes great Mother's Day Gifts

Moms are Special

Sometimes it can be hard thinking of unique ideas to make mothers feel special. But it doesn’t always require a lot of money or a fancy location to create memories. Many great memories are made in the comfort of your home with loved ones close by. Try these last-minute unique Mother’s day gifts and activities ideas and you’ll be sure to put a smile on any mom’s face.

Written by Angela Rightout

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