Four Tips For Moms : How to Use Sea Buckthorn

By Admin Email , published May 10, 2015

You may have heard that sea buckthorn oils are great for the skin and highly nutritious. Many people want to try sea buckthorn oils but aren’t sure how to use them. These are a few tips on what exactly to do with a bottle of sea buckthorn oil, especially for Moms.

Cuts, Burns and Other Boo-Boos 

Sea buckthorn berry oil has high amounts of Omega-7. That means it’s amazing for boosting cellular health, particularly in the skin. When your little one gets a boo-boo (or you), clean the wound out and add just a tiny drop of the berry oil to the affected area before putting on a bandage.

Omega-7 is also great because it may help developing scars from becoming less prevalent. The bandage will keep the orange oil from getting on clothes as long as you don’t use too much.

Stretch Mark Treatment

Omega-7 has great smoothing properties for scars that already exist. If you’re a mommy it is highly likely that you have stretch marks. You can add sea buckthorn berry oil to your already existing lotion or you can take one or two drops and rub it into your tiger-stripes.

Did we mention that sea buckthorn berry oil is bright orange? It will not stain your skin but do not slather yourself with this oil and get into bed with white sheets or light colored clothes. Do this, like all sea buckthorn berry oil treatments when you know you have some time to stay at home to leave the oil on your skin for at least 30 minutes.


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Easy Omega-3 Supplement

Sea buckthorn seed oil has Omega-3 is a great plant based source of the fatty acid. Plant based Omega-3 has many health benefits that you don't want your family to miss out on. Our sea buckthorn oil dropper bottles make it easy to add oils to food. Add a dropper full of seed oil to a berry smoothie (or any food you choose) to ensure your family is getting enough Omega-3.  


Day Time Skin Treatment

Another great use for sea buckthorn seed oil is as a skin treatment. Sea buckthorn seed oil packs in skin healthy properties. It's preferred as a topical treatment because its color is lighter than sea buckthorn berry oil.

After washing your face, put one drop on a finger and massage into the skin on your face (or anywhere that needs a boost). The seed oil is more of a “dry” oil, meaning that it will be absorbed more quickly into the skin. It’s a bright yellow color but tends to blend in on many different skin colors much more than the berry oil. The key is to use just a tiny amount so that the oil can be absorbed.

Easy Skincare Routine

If oils sound too messy for you, we also offer a full line of  sea buckthorn infused skincare. It's one of the easiest ways to use sea buckthorn everyday. Sea buckthorn is the perfect supplement to care for your family and pamper yourself!  Thank you Mommies for all you do and happy Mother's Day!

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