FAQ Blog: Omegas in Sea Buckthorn

By Admin Email , published Jan 12, 2015

Sea buckthorn oils have a few different types of omega fatty acids. Omegas 3 & 6 are essential fatty acids, which means that our bodies cannot make them so we have to get it from an external source.

What Omegas are in Sea Buckthorn?

Omega 3 helps our bodies perform necessary functions like cell membrane maintenance as well as blood clot regulation. It is not abundant in many diets, especially plant based ones, so it’s wise to monitor your intake.

Omega 6 is best known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its bad cholesterol lowering abilities. This omega is more abundant in the average diet but care should be taken to be sure that it comes from wholesome sources like SBT.

Omega 9 can be made by your body when you eat certain food. It’s a polysaturated fat which is good for heart health.

Omega 7 can be made in the body. It’s also known as palmitoleic Acid. Recent research on Omega 7 has shown that it can regulate metabolism. That shows some promise for SBT oil in weight loss. We don't promote SBT oil as a weight loss supplement because the evidence isn't definitive enough yet. 

Is Omega 6 bad for me?

You may have heard that an over-abundance of Omega 6 in the diet is bad for your health. Unfortunately, the average American gets most of their Omega 6 from overly processed, fatty foods like fried chicken and packaged snacks. These foods are usually made with refined oils that do provide Omega 6 but can become unstable and aren’t so great for the body.

Balanced foods and oils

SBT should not be thought of in the same way that we think of other dietary supplements. SeabuckWonders oils are made purely from a perfectly balanced super-fruit. The process is akin to making olive oil out of olives. SBT oil is the kind of balanced oil you should be consuming. The omegas are balanced with anti-oxidants so if for some reason they became unstable, the bad effects would be neutralized naturally. Bottom line: Don’t worry about omega 6 in SBT, worry about eating a more natural diet

If my body already makes Omega 9, shouldn’t I avoid taking it in SBT oil?

This goes back to the concept of  "balanced" oil. Should you seek out dietary supplements that specifically give you Omega 9? Actually, no. It’s just not necessary. Should you avoid SBT oil because it has Omega 9? Not at all. The nutrients of the SBT plant are designed to support the life of the plant. It’s a perfect eco-system of vitamins and nutrients that work together to balance the fruit. You can’t get too much of any one nutrient from it. In fact the different omegas, vitamins and phytonutrients all work together to create one of the most balanced fruits on the planet! 

For our very pure SBT oil we recommend 1-2 ml a day. You only need a little bit of SBT oil to get a boost, to support your skin or for overall health. You won’t be getting too much of a good thing when you take it. Our oils are the purest on the market. We use the gentlest process available to extract the final product. Our oils are extremely stable and as long as they are stored properly will not go rancid.

More Questions? Learn the basics about sea buckthorn here. Read this article about the palmitic acid content of SBT.

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