Maximizing Omega 7 Value - The Cost per mg

Get the most Omega 7 bang for your buck!

Sea Buckthorn is the most potent source of Omega 7 fatty acids known With upwards of 35% Omega-7 content there is no other natural source that can compare.

There are some Omega 7 providers using a "purification" process to capture the small Omega 7 stores found in fish oil and offering them in a concentrated form. To learn more about why sea buckthorn is the leading natural Omega 7 provider click here. This purification process is questionable at best and highly inefficient. After bleaching, deacidification, molecular-distillation, recrystallization, heating, and other processes the "purified" Omega-7 product is born.  

All of this is unnecessary when mother nature has already given us sea buckthorn berries which provide so much more than the world's highest Omega 7 content. Things look even better for sea buckthorn when you compare the costs! Did you think a 7-step "Purification" process was cheap?  Apparently not.


The Cost per Gram of Omega-7 content for the leading "Purified" Omega 7 is more than 3x the cost of SeabuckWonders Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil! And you miss out on all the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, EFAs, and numerous nutrients that make sea buckthorn so special. Take a look!

Omega 7 Cost Comparison

  SeabuckWonders Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil SeabuckWonders Omega-7 Complete Leading "Purified" Omega 7
berry oil, 176 O7, 60s Purified Omega 7
Quantity  1.76 fl oz  120 softgels  30 softgels
O-7 Content (mg)  17500  16800  6300
Price  32.97  49.97  39.95
$ per mg  0.002  0.003  0.006
$ per g  1.884  2.974  6.341
100% Pure Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil. The most potent Omega-7 source known in the natural world. Our Berry Oil is USDA certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. Provides all the nutrients sea buckthorn berries are known for. Our sea buckthorn oil blend that provides everything sea buckthorn has to offer while maximizing Omega-7 content. Omega-7 Complete is comprised of 4 parts Berry Oil to 1 part Seed Oil.  Provides all the nutrients sea buckthorn is known for - both berry and seed. "Purified" Omega 7 is extracted from fish oils using a questionable 7 step extraction method. Highly processed and provides no other nutrients.


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