Sea Buckthorn Overview - The ‘Miracle Berry’

By Seabuck Staff , published Jan 16, 2014

Essential Sea Buckthorn Reads!

Sea Buckthorn – What You NEED to Know

Sea Buckthorn at a glance! All the basics you need to know about sea buckthorn. Highlights Sea Buckthorn’s legendary history, its status as a superfruit, various health benefits, and other fun facts.

The Ultimate Plant Based Omega Source

Learn more about why sea buckthorn is superior to other marine and plant omega sources. Sea Buckthorn is the only plant-based source of every omega fatty acid, 3, 6, 9, and the rare and powerful Omega 7.

Dr. Oz and Sea Buckthorn

Dr. Oz has featured sea buckthorn and Omega 7 on his show an unprecedented number of times for its numerous health benefits. Watch the flagship episode where he coins Sea Buckthorn as a ‘Miracle Berry’ for constipation and weight management.

Sea Buckthorn Uses / Research Summary

A complete summary of sea buckthorn’s nutritional profile, medicinal properties, health benefits, and uses.

Sea Buckthorn Articles

Sea Buckthorn Berry vs Seed

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil and Seed Oil are both fantastic applied topically and consumed internally for a vast array of health benefits and improved hair, skin, and nails. Learn the difference between the two to make sure you’re making the best choice for your health needs.

Sea Buckthorn Oil vs Juice

Learn about sea buckthorn oils and why they’re superior to sea buckthorn juice. Sea buckthorn oil offers more omega fatty acids and nutritional value than juice. It’s also less expensive!

Sea Buckthorn FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about sea buckthorn. If you have a sea buckthorn question it may already be answered here! If not then give us a call!

Sea Buckthorn Testimonials

Review our sea buckthorn testimonials! We’ve been gathering testimonials since our inception in 1994 and continue to this day. Nothing proves the true health value of sea buckthorn like first hand user experience!

Sea Buckthorn is the Superior Omega 7 Source

Don’t be swayed by other Omega 7 sources and clever marketing ploys. Sea Buckthorn is the superior Omega 7 source in every natural way. No other Omega 7 source comes close to sea buckthorn’s full nutritional potential.

Choosing the Correct SeabuckWonders Supplement

Unsure what sea buckthorn supplement to use? Learn more about SeabuckWonders supplement offering to make an educated health decision before your purchase.

Choosing the Right Sea Buckthorn Skincare

All sea buckthorn personal care products are NOT created equal! This article reveals what to look for and what to avoid in sea buckthorn skincare. These are the same product development principles we’ve followed for sea buckthorn skincare magic.

Sea Buckthorn Extraction Process

There are many ways to extract oils from fruits. Some of the most common methods are Hexane, CO2 Supercritical, and cold press. Learn more about the pros and cons of each and why you should only consider CO2 Supercritcally extracted sea buckthorn oils for the cleanest and highest potency.

Sea Buckthorn and Drug Depletion

Modern medicine has a tendency to deplete nutrient stores in our body leading to defficiencies that ultimately result in sub-health conditions. Learn how sea buckthorn’s impressive nutritional profile can help combat the drug depletion to ensure your health and well-being.

How to Take Sea Buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn can be taken in many ways. Traditionally it was applied to the skin or eaten as a fruit for health and vigor. Today with modern extracts available and skincare formulations, you can take sea buckthorn in many ways to reach your goals!

The Effects of Palmitic Acid in Sea buckthorn Products

There is a lot of misleading information about the effects of palmitic acid in seabuckthorn products lately. If you have questions or concerns please start with this article.

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