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By Seabuck Wonders , published May 24, 2022

For the month of May, is donating 10% of sales to the AALEAD Organization—Asian American Youth Leadership, Empowerment and Development!

Why did we Choose

AALEAD’s mission is to support low-income and underserved Asian Pacific American youth with educational empowerment, identity development. They provide leadership opportunities through after school, summer, and mentoring programs.

As Asian-American immigrants, we have first-hand experience settling into a new country. Education was a critical need for us to be successful and remains a major priority. We understand how important it is to help shape children in becoming bright and confident adults.  

Building a bicultural identity is a balancing act for many Asian-Americans. Some identify with their Asian side when around family but stick to their American side around non-Asian peers, wanting to feel comfortable and accepted in both communities.  


Maggie Qiu, co-owner of SeabuckWonders with her boys


Embracing both parts of their identity can have significant effects on the mental and emotional health of Asian Americans. By providing mentorship to young people in underserved Asian Communities, AALEAD provides lifelong coping skills. 

Kids can gain clarity about their thoughts and feelings which may help them recover from emotional triggers. Learning to communicate their needs is the key to better relationships and confidence.

A strong education with support from parents, teachers, and mentors helps children to excel during trying times and throughout their lives.

“Our goal is to make sure youth feel accepted, appreciated, and proud of their unique cultural backgrounds. Students will gain a better appreciation for their personal identities and cultural histories and develop a healthy self-concept and lead productive lives.” ~AALEAD

AALEAD connects youth with adult mentors to foster a healthy sense of self-identity, pride, and a safe place to express the complex feelings of living in a multicultural society. Kids who participate in AALEAD programs are able to explore new interests, hobbies, and are motivated to pursue higher education.




AALEAD was founded in 1998 by Ms. Sandy Dang to initially serve the large Vietnamese refugee population in the District. Ms. Dang witnessed the same needs and types of challenges she faced as a recent refugee to the United States just a few years back. Her vision was to create and grow a community organization that belonged to the community. The rest is history!

The organization initially served a large Vietnamese refugee and immigrant population in Washington, DC. With changes in demographics over the years in the region, AALEAD now serves a multi-ethnic Asian community. In 2006, AALEAD expanded to serve low-income and underserved Asian Pacific American youth in middle and high school in Montgomery County, MD. 

The Impact of AALEAD

Here are some of the amazing ways that AALEAD has impacted Asian American youth with its programs.

  • 82% of all youth attended at least 3 career workshops
  • 97% of Elementary School youth will participated in at least 2 life skills or study skills workshops.
  • 100% of 5th grade youth will participated in one-on-one discussions about Middle School and be supported through the lottery process with an AALEAD staff member.
  • 100% of High School seniors participated in one-on-one college prep discussions and were supported through the college application process with an AALEAD staff member
  • 72% of all high school youth had college 2 college prep activities
  • 86% of all youth in after school programs participated in at least 5 Asian American Identity workshops
  • 90% of all youth in after school programs participated in at least 3 mental health workshops
  • 88% of all youth in after school programs participated in at least 3 cross-racial activities
  • 91% of all youth participated in at least 3 leadership workshops
  • 74% of youth completed at least 5 hours of Student Service Learning (SSL) activities
  • 67% of Middle and High School youth led at least 1 activity
  • 99% of Elementary School youth presented in front of the class
  • 98% of Elementary School youth took on a classroom responsibility
  • 61% of mentees planned at least 1 mentor/mentee outing

 See more of the amazing work that AALEAD does at their website.

Written by Seabuck Wonders

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