My Beauty Bunny Jen Mathews Loves Sea Buckthorn oil!

By Admin Email , published Jun 7, 2018

We love to see our products improving the health and beauty of our customers! Jen from My Beauty Bunny has been a friend of SeabuckWonders for a long time.

She’s been using our product for many years and we are so excited to see that she still loves and uses sea buckthorn oil! Check out her latest post which is all about her experience with sea buckthorn oil and her hair health (linked below).

Jen Mathews of My Beauty Bunny Recommends SeabuckWonders Omega 7 Complete

Why is Sea Buckthorn Good for Hair?

There is a reason why sea buckthorn oil is making a splash in the health and beauty world. It's even been recommended by celebrity stylist Lori Goddard and used by her fashion icon clients, like the Olsen Twins.

One big reason that sea buckthorn and its health benefits are relied on for being a top beauty oil for hair, is it's unique nutritional compounds. For starters, it contains an array of omega fatty acids including omega 3, omega 6, omega 9 and the rare omega 7.

Working in tandem with the rich fatty acids found in the oils are powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants help the body in it's natural repair mechanisms and can help fight free radicals.

Health on a Cellular Level

Unlike shampoos or other hair products, sea buckthorn oil works best for hair when taken as a nutritional supplement. We call it "beauty from the inside out" because sea buckthorn oil helps hair by nourishing your body down to the cellular level.

One reason that hair (but also nails and skin) can be so positively effected by sea buckthorn oil supplements, is that is supports moisture throughout the body. If your hair is breaking, chances are your hair is dry.

Dry, brittle hair doesn't get the chance to grow long. While the roots may grow at a normal rate, extra dry hair breaks off. Not to mention it doesn't feel great, and it lacks shine.

Omega 7 + Antioxidant Action

Omega 7 is particularly good at nourishing cells and helping to restore moisture. Not only are you getting this rare fatty acid with sea buckthorn oil, you're also getting a healthy dose of omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9.

All of which are known to support healthy moisture in the body. Antioxidants work for hair by strengthening and protecting. The result is strong and supple hair.

Best SeabuckWonders Product for Healthy Hair?

We recommend our Omega 7 Complete product for the full sea buckthorn health and beauty experience. Why? It's easy to take every day because it comes in gel cap form. So, take it first thing in the morning before you eat breakfast or if you have a sensitive tummy, take it with food. Two gel caps a day will do.

Omega 7 Complete comes in a 100% beef gelatin capsule- which is also Kosher Certified. This is an important quality step for us, because often, gelatin caps are made from sub-standard by products. We use the best quality material and make sure it's always third party tested.

Vegan Option?

If the gelatin capsule of Omega 7 Complete will not work with your diet- no fear! Sea buckthorn oils are naturally vegan and our pure oils are food grade. For the exact same hair nourishing nutrients, minus the gel-cap, go for our DIY Kit. It's a bottle of pure sea buckthorn berry oil and pure sea buckthorn seed oil.

How Long Before you see Results?

We hear this question a lot from customers and the truth is that it's hard to answer. Everyone's health situation is different and everyone will respond differently to sea buckthorn oil.

What's more, we aren't doctors and are not able to give any kind of medical advise! However, we've worked with many customers over the years and this experience has made it much easier to help us be guides.

In general, and for most applications, you'll want to take sea buckthorn oil at the recommended dosage for at least one full month. In this video from Jen Mathews, she said it took a few months to see results- but it was worth the wait.

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