My Beauty Bunny Jen Mathews Loves Sea Buckthorn oil!

By Maureen Wurster , published Jun 7, 2018

We love to see our products improving the health and beauty of our customers! Jen from My Beauty Bunny has been a friend of SeabuckWonders for a long time. She’s been using our product for many years and we are so excited to see that she still loves and uses sea buckthorn oil! Check out her latest post which is all about her experience with sea buckthorn oil and her hair health.


Jen Mathews of My Beauty Bunny Recommends SeabuckWonders Omega 7 Complete


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Written by Maureen Wurster

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Maureen Wurster has been a voice in the health and wellness world for over four years. She is a graduate of SAIC with a background in fine art and design.

Maureen has spent the last four years producing content and managing social media for natural products brands. She has provided in depth research as well as lifestyle pieces with a focus on nutritional supplements. She is passionate about promoting healthy living and helps others learn about the benefits of plant-based eating.

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