Will Non-Alcoholic Cocktails be a Big Trend in 2019?

By Angela Rightout , published Jan 4, 2019

Non-alcoholic drinks are a thing of the present! The non-boozy alcoholic trend is emerging full throttle for 2019.

Health & Wellness                       

Every year new trends emerge. In the the last few years these trends have been all about health and wellness. This includes a variety of things. Fitness gyms, day spas, nutrition and beauty are all apart of a 4.2 trillion dollar industry according to the Global Wellness Institute.  Even more so this industry has increased 12.8 percent in the last two years alone.

With all the craze over popular health and wellness trends who knew  non-alcoholic beverages would be next. After all, the prohibition ended decades ago. Well, according to the Global Wellness Institute these lifestyle changes are “holistic and intentional” and are here to stay. People care more about what they do and put into and on their bodies. But regardless of one’s reasons for their lifestyle choices, non-alcoholic cocktails are a trend on the rise.

Cocktails,Cocktails & No Cocktails

Boozy beverages date back more than 10 million years.  Proof of beer drinking was even found in the caveman writings. Even more so, the first alcoholic Beer has been around since the cavemenbeverage to gain widespread popularity was a fermented beverage made out of honey and water. Although alcoholic beverages are not being ousted by any means, bartenders will have their work cut out for them. They will be responsible for coming up with non-boozy drinks as intricate as their non-boozy counterparts. Soon all bars across the world will have a plethora of these spirit free drinks on their menu. These new drinks will include ingredients far more elaborate than tonic, soda and juice.   

Why this Trend is Popular

According to Forbes, bartenders are excited about the emergence of non-alcoholic cocktails.  Although the bar has always been known as a place to let loose or become inebriated, trends have changed. This is partly due to the industry putting emphasis on drinking responsibly.

In addition, people are cautious as to what they consume. Sometimes, people want to socialize and feel included in a group gathering without the pressure of drinking. But, the non-boozy drink trend isn't exactly a surprise. Drinks with low alcohol content are already popular. So why not go from low alcohol to no alcohol?

Socializing & Drinking

Introducing Seedlip

One brand that has gained major acclamation is Seedlip.  Seedlip is the first spirit-free brand that serves zero-proof cocktails that replace alcoholic spirits. It’s gained widespread popularity since its London launch in 2015. Top bars across the world were not shy about incorporating Seedlip onto their bar menus. This non-alcoholic distilled spirit brings the same intricacy as traditional non-spirits. It’s described as “dry and complex,” similar to gin. Yet, it doesn’t have the same burn as alcoholic beverages but it’s also not as simple.

The Seedlip brand was inspired by the founder’s Ben Branson, farming heritage and 17th-century apothecaries. These apothecaries distilled non-alcoholic and alcoholic herbal remedies. Branson decided to begin his own copper distillery developing the world's first non-alcoholic spirit. Within the first three weeks of developing Seedlip, Branson sold 1000 bottles. The Seedlip brand now produces three flavors, Spice 94, Grove 42 and Garden 108. Spice 94 contains all spice, cardamom, oak, lemon, grapefruit, and cascarilla.  Garden 108 contains peas, hay, spearmint, rosemary, and thyme.Seedlip is clear

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Brands

Other brands have followed suite. Cedars launched in 2017 by a husband and wife team, Craig Hutchinson and Maria Sehlstrom. This non-alcoholic brand is described as a “premium brand that contains all the flavors of gin without the alcohol.”

For those who crave a taste similar to whiskey can try a brand called “Whissin” It’s a non-alcoholic whiskey that contains barley, rye and wheat. The name “Whissin” is short for 'whiskey sin.' Sin means 'without' in Spanish. A Spanish non-alcoholic company Espafador produces Whissin. They recommend serving the zero-alcoholic drink in Irish coffee or as a mixer.

Businesses Rejoice

There are many more brands emerging every since Seedlip hit the market and businesses are benefiting from this trend. Industry professionals exude excitement as check averages increase. Consumers who often don’t order drinks at all are now trying out the new beverages. Money is no longer being left off the table as the industry now has better means to cater to non drinkers. Although this trend has already begun you may begin to see it takeoff for 2019. Expect to see non-alcoholic menus at bars across the world.

Will you be drinking non-alcoholic beverages in the upcoming year?

Written by Angela Rightout

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