Why Vegan Omega 7?

By Seabuck Staff , published Mar 11, 2016

Plant Based Omegas for Every Diet

Omega-7 continues to grow in popularity for its many benefits. From heart health to mucous membrane support- it's no wonder people want to know more about this rare fatty acid. When it comes to choosing a product, many consumers aren't sure why vegan omega-7 is the best choice.

Processing Methods

Omega-7 from sea buckthorn has a lot of advantages over fish-based sources. For starters, though you can find omega-7 in fish, there is not as much as there is in sea buckthorn berries. That means fish needs much more processing than sea buckthorn berries. Isolation is required for the Omega-7 to go into a supplement. While that may sound innocuous, isolated oils tend to be more unstable.

Bad Taste 

That means they are more susceptible to spoilage and yucky taste. Focus on supplements that have close to the same nutrition as the plants or foods that they come from. The more vitamins that are available from a supplement source, the better. It just helps your body know how to absorb and process it better. We use a process called C02 extraction which you can read about here. In Co2 extraction, the temperature during processing is even lower than cold pressing. That means the nutrients are well preserved.

Nutrient Rich Sea Buckthorn Oil

Not only does sea buckthorn berry oil contain omega-7, it's also rich in other nutrients. It contains vitamin E, omega-6, omega-3, and omega-7. It's a much more balanced supplement than stripped down fish oil products. Our sea buckthorn oil products are so pure that you can use them on your skin. We would bet that most people would not want to slather fish oils on their skin. We have found that using both our supplements and skin care items create much better results. Especially for those taking sea buckthorn for its skin supporting qualities. Plant-based oils are just so much more versatile than fish oil products.



The best part of all is that vegan omega-7 from sea buckthorn is far more sustainable than fish products. We source only 100% USDA Organic and make sure that our oils are Non-GMO Project verified. These issues are important for quality. More so, they are important because they encourage fair trade practices and sustainability.

Fish Oil Can't be Sustainable

Many fish oil companies claim to have sustainable products. No matter how you slice it, plant-based products are more sustainable. They are renewable and often beneficial for the environment. Sea buckthorn has the highest amount of omega-7 as well as a lot of other health benefits. Those who are not plant-based diets should still consider sea buckthorn. The health benefits are endless- no matter what diet you may follow.

Written by Seabuck Staff

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