Which is The Best Product for Me?

By Admin Email , published Jan 29, 2016

“Sea buckthorn oil products come in both caps and dropper bottles. So which is the best product for me?”

The perfect SBT product is different for everyone. There a few different factors that you can use to determine the perfect sea buckthorn product for you.

As you can see on the graphic below, one way to determine this is by dietary preference. The Omega-7 Complete as well as the sea buckthorn Seed Oil caps are both have made from 100% Kosher beef gelatin. That meas they cannot be used by those on a plant based diet. Our capsules are the most popular items because they offer an easy way to incorporate sea buckthorn oils into your everyday routine. Those on a plant based diet can still get all of the same benefits with our dropper bottles.

The dropper bottle products are great for anyone who wants the oils for topical use, like for cuts and burns. People use the pure sea buckthorn oils to add an omega and antioxidant burst to their morning smoothie or to their mouthwash for an extra boost for gum health. There are many different ways to use the oils that come in the dropper bottle. The dropper bottle oils are also great for people who have a tough time swallowing pills.

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