Lend a Hand to Your Community by Volunteering

By Seabuck Staff , published Apr 1, 2018

How Are You Giving Back?

April is National Volunteer Month. This month should motivate you to do some volunteering of your own. Many don't volunteer because they feel like they don't have the time or know how to help out.

There are many ways to help out around your community.  Whether it be working to help other people, the environment, or support a cause- there is no task too small. Volunteering gives chance to be social, make new friends and network. It's enriching for you and for your community. There are many creative and fun ways to volunteer that may spark your interest.


Help Homeless Children

If event planning is your passion, then consider planning a Birthday Party for kids in need. Many homeless children miss out on birthday parties because of their circumstances. Volunteers of America makes it easy to do a fundraiser to help make a child happy on their birthday.


Foster an Animal

Taking in an animal can turn their lives around. Many animals in shelters don't receive the attention that they need. Shelters are often overpopulated with small volunteer staff.

When you foster a pet, you can help increase their chances of finding a permanent home. Fostering makes pets much happier than if they were stuck in a cage all day. Happy pets are easier to adopt and fostering a pet will make you happy too.


Collect Books For Local Libraries

Donate your used books to local libraries to keep them stocked. Libraries sometimes use book donations to expand their collections. It's important to support public institutions like libraries, now more than ever. Be sure to read your library's policy on book donations before making the trip over.

Clean Your Community

There's nothing worse than trying to enjoy the outdoors and then running into piles of litter. Keep your community clean by picking up after the area you live in. Gather a group of friend collect trash, or pick it up as you see it.

Build A Home

Helping to build someone a home is always a good volunteer idea if you have the time for it. Many people live in undesirable conditions. It is important to make sure that families have an adequate place to call home. You can help by joining programs that give people a place of their own with basic necessities.

Habitat for Humanity is a well-known organization that has branches all over the US. It's easy to donate your time to this organization.

Volunteer From Home

There's no excuse not to volunteer when you can do it from the comfort of your own home.Create the Goods has thousands of volunteer opportunities that you can do online. There's no heavy or standing outside for long hours. You can help by giving technological advice, blogging, coding, and more.  These opportunities need nothing more than your time and brain power.

Find the Right Volunteer Opportunity for You

For even more ideas, check out Volunteering Match which will help you find something in your area.


How We Are Giving Back

The Chicago Foundation for Women is an organization that works to provide resources for women in need. They help families keep food on the table, help women find jobs, and help women and families find health care. In 1985 the founder realized that a very small amount of money was being put towards needs specific to women. To change that they started this foundation and have since put over $31 million towards women's needs and have changed thousands of lives.

In order to support the Chicago Foundation for Women, 10% of all proceeds during the month of April will be donated to their organization. We hope this inspires you to give back to your community and environment as well.

Written by Seabuck Staff

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