The Green Beauty Revolution

By Guest Contributor , published Oct 5, 2018


Health Equals Beauty

Regardless of your hobbies, political opinions or what status you have, most of us agree on one thing. The body that we have is the only body that we will ever get. How we choose to take care of it may differ but there seems to be a need to find an answer to healthier, cleaner living. Knowledge about the products we use on bodies should continue to grow with each passing year.

We crave a youthful appearance and what to somehow turn the clock back on again. At the same time, we want a quick fix. We want simple, easy, one-stop health and we don’t want to have to over think what we do each day. We just want to say that we are doing it and work it into our routine with ease. 


We Want it all

But here is the thing; health is not as easy as ordering a cup of coffee at a drive-thru. Health is a multi-layered system that most of us need to feel well again from the outside in. True health comes from within. Still, it's seeing the differences in our physical appearance that push us to repair our health.  

It’s backward thinking but it’s honest. Both men and women want to look better and feel better. They want to continue to boost what they have already improved as a kind of a silent pat on the back. Who wouldn’t? The big question is how is this accomplished when we are so demanding on what we will allow as our options?


Earth Friendly is Trendy 

Influenster was one of many outlets to say that “green beauty” is trending in 2018. They did a poll to see what ingredients customers were looking for in their products. Natural Ingredients were the number one most appealing claim for makeup brands!

According to their article, the number one green ingredient women look for in beauty products is plant oil. It's no wonder! More people are becoming educated about the benefits of natural, plant-based oils. SeabuckWonders has been a pioneer in this area. They've been using pure sea buckthorn oil as the main ingredient in their skin care for years.

Natural Products on the Rise

The study also suggests that many people have tried herbal and plant supplements. SeabuckWonders are supplements are plant-based and pure. Not only for beauty- but these supplements also support immune, cardiovascular and digestive systems. Being one step up on your health does not get any easier than using the products that SeabuckWonders offers.

No FDA Approval

Does this scare you? It should. It's easy for brands to be misleading about what goes into their products. That means clean and green ingredients need to be a top priority for everyone. It's important to ask questions about the brands you buy. How long have they been around? What kind of ingredients do they use? Are their products Non-GMO Verified? Does the brand seem committed to clean ingredients?

Your Skin Drinks Chemicals

With products like makeup or skincare, pure ingredients should be a concern. That's because some chemicals can absorb into the skin. There are even some enzymes in our skin that can activate chemicals or make them more toxic!   All of the products that SeabuckWonders offers their consumers are both people and pet-friendly. They bear the Leaping Bunny certification seal- because being beautiful means being kind!.  

Just the Facts

Having clear facts on the ingredients of products is something that we all need at a moment’s notice. Consumers are in a hurry- they don’t want to search through product information only to get frustrated that there are no clear answers. 

Allergies affect 1 in 13 people in the US today. Those are big numbers. For people who are allergic or have sensitivities to ingredients in any product- it is crucial that companies are transparent. Transparency is one of the biggest benefits of the Green Beauty movement.

SeabuckWonders offers a page of concise information available at your fingertips including ingredients, the percentage by weight, product usage guide and a description of the health benefits for each of their products. 

Are your current products a part of your Green Beauty revolution? Do you feel as if your present products leave you feeling less than what your expectations imagined? Empower yourself now, because better health can come at any age. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to refuse to give in to anything less than superior that what you need to stay optimal. The only thing that you should be afraid of is not wanting to do anything at all.

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