Sweetheart Protein Shake Recipe

By Admin Email , published Feb 5, 2017

Valentine’s Day is almost here. It’s a great time of year to cultivate a relationship with health and wellness. Love yourself! Our super nutritious Sweet Heart Protein Shake tastes so good you will forget that it’s healthy. Focus on your health and exercise this month. It will help you get through the next few weeks of darkness before spring arrives. Then treat yourself with this awesome smoothie. This smoothie will make you feel satisfied after a great cardio session. It’s also a great reason to finally try Dragonfruit! Dragonfruit isn’t just a cute and mysterious fruit. It's also loaded with vitamin C, B vitamins and carotene. This recipe also features heart healthy and beauty supporting sea buckthorn seed oil. The protein powder will help your muscles recover after a good workout. Bananas are full of healthy nutrients to keep your health in balance. Besides tasting great coconut water will help keep you extra hydrated. Pro-Tip: Many people are deficient in vitamin D. Most people don’t know that vitamin D is fat soluble. If you are taking a vitamin D supplement it will be better used by your body if you take it with fatty foods or oils. The sea buckthorn oil content in this smoothie makes it a great combo with your vitamin D supplement. If you have a liquid vitamin D supplement, you can add it right to this recipe!



Sweetheart Protein Shake Recipe

1 Serving Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

1 Serving Protein Powder Vanilla or unflavored is best- follow package description for serving size

Ice cubes (optional)

1 Dragon Fruit

6 Strawberries

2 Bananas

2 cups

Coconut water

  • Add bananas, dragon fruit, and coconut water to the blender first. Blend until smooth. Start on medium setting and work up to higher settings.
  • Add protein powder and ice cubes if you want it cold. (If you wish to add other powder supplements add those here.) Blend until smooth.
  • Pour smoothie mixture into glass or drink tumbler. Add Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil and any other liquid supplements into glass. Stir with spoon or straw. Enjoy!

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