Summer Skin Care Tips

By Seabuck Staff , published Jun 3, 2015

Finally, summer has arrived! Summer means outside activities as much as possible and sunshine, lots of sunshine. Although protecting your skin should be a concern all year round, summer is the time we need to protect our skin the most.

Protect Your Skin

Don’t skimp on skin protection! Not only does unprotected skin develop visible damage over time and wrinkles, skin cancer is a serious risk. Did you know that an estimated 73,870 new cases of invasive melanoma will be diagnosed in the US in 2015 according to Taking care of your skin is easier than you think and definitely worth it! Follow our tips to keep your skin looking great this summer.  


Stay Hydrated 

Everyone knows that when it gets hot outside, we sweat more. We need to make sure that we drink plenty of water. Hydration is the number one step to making sure our skin stays healthy. Why? Our skin cells (and all of the other cells of the body) are made mostly of water. When you don’t hydrate enough, your cells can’t function properly and that leads to dull, dry skin. Hydrated skin is more easily protected and resilient. The most common recommendation for how much water to drink daily is a minimum of about 8 ounces, 8 times a day. Keep in mind that is a minimum so you can and should try for more.


Keep Your Skin Hydrated

So now that you are hydrated internally, you can focus on keeping that epidermis of yours nice and hydrated too. As we have just mentioned, hydrated skin will be more resistant to damage from the sun. So seal moisture in using lotions and oils. Our SeabuckWonders Body lotion is the perfect lotion to keep your skin healthy after the beach. Its light moisture absorbs easily into the skin and contains a blend of sea buckthorn oils which are high in sun-protecting nutrients.

Skin Healthy Phytonutrients

Sea buckthorn oil is rich with fatty acids and a complex network of other fatty acids. Like other foods that are bright orange, sea buckthorn contains betacarotene and other carotenoids. Your body can convert carotenoids to antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to stop the action of free radicals within the body.


Your skin is a complex organ- even though it may not seem that way.  Every layer of skin has important functions as well as specialized cells to make protect your body from outside world. Fatty acids are an important type of lipid that our skin requires to function well. Sea buckthorn oils contain Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 which is an impressive offering from a single plant source.

Sea buckthorn oil is the top source of omega 7- a rare fatty acid that is thought to do wonders for the health of skin and cells throughout the body.


Physical Barriers and SUNBLOCK

Sometimes, nothing beats good old-fashioned common sense! Want to protect your skin? Breakout the big floppy hat, the sunscreen and spend a little time under your beach umbrella. Remember, sea buckthorn products are great for keeping your skin healthy but are not sufficient to protect your skin from UV rays all on their own!

Protect Yourself

In addition to drinking plenty of water every day, try using some Omega rich sea buckthorn supplements to boost your internal hydration and natural skin protection. Don’t be embarrassed to cover up at the beach. Not only is your physical appearance in jeopardy but your long-term health can be seriously affected if you don’t take these small steps this summer.

Written by Seabuck Staff

seabuckwonders staff

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