Spring Clean Your Life!

Spring is the greatest time to start anew. This guide will help you freshen up your home and your health.


Spring Clean at Home

Make sure to shower and put fresh clothes on before entering your bedroom every night. This will help prevent the spread of allergens. Besides taking an anti-histamine, try this natural method to fight allergies. Allergy and asthma sufferers may benefit from boosting their intake of anti-inflammatory substances. If you are starting to feel a spring cold come on, a bit of sea buckthorn seed oil could boost your immunity. Speaking of allergies, when was the last time you changed the air filters in your house? Devote some time to dusting, cleaning carpets and steam cleaning floors. Since spring is allergy season, it’s important that you make your house as allergy free as possible. Clear out that medicine cabinet! Many of us have a huge stash of over the counter medicines and supplements in our cupboards. Make sure that you toss any expired bottles to clean up the space. Most medications become less effective over time. Some could have negative health effects- so it’s better not to take the chance. Besides, who doesn’t like a organized cabinet space? Your make-up and skin care products expire too. Old make-up can be full of bacteria and isn’t good for your skin or eyes. Try this guide to help you determine how long make-up products can last. Did you know that it's easy to disinfect your eyeshadow? Take a clean makeup brush and dip it in rubbing alcohol. Run the brush over your eyeshadows to disinfect. You can also put rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and do one light spray after each use. 95% rubbing alcohol is a good option but 75% will work too. spring clean


Want to start living a more active, healthy life? Schedule your fitness in your planner like you would any other important meeting. Make an appointment with yourself, for your health. It is much easier to stick to a regular fitness schedule when you know you have the time carved out and waiting for you. If you are having trouble sticking to your exercise routine, try mixing it up. Are there any machines you've never used at the gym? How about that yoga class you've been thinking about trying? Spring is the perfect time to try something new and rekindle your love with exercise.



Schedule your upcoming doctor's appointments ahead of time. It will be much easier to keep track of your health and wellness. Even if you need a check-up, make the time for your health a priority. A great way to stay in touch with nature and eat better is to eat seasonally. In spring, peas, apricots, strawberries, rhubarb, asparagus and peas are in season. Look for these at the market and they will taste their best at this time of year. Did you stop wearing sunscreen in September? Even when it's not summer, UVA light can damage your skin. Make sure you are wearing some kind of SPF daily. Especially now that you will likely be having more sunny days coming your way. Green up your skincare! One great thing you can do for your skin and the planet is to switch to natural skin care products. You can even try to make your skin care items at home- it’s fun and it will help you save some money! A good practice to get into is to start taking a daily probiotic this spring. If you got sick over the winter and were on antibiotics, you will definitely want to do this. Probiotics aren't only for digestion. They can support many areas of your health. As such, it's also a good idea to eat and drink fermented foods whenever possible. Try making your own fermented drinks at home this spring.



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