Sea buckthorn Seed Oil Dry Eye Study

By Angela Rightout , published Nov 2, 2018

Eye Health

Out of the five senses, eyesight is one of the most important. In fact, 80 percent of what we perceive comes through our eyes. So, it’s obvious that protecting them is crucial when it comes to having a higher quality of life.

Yet, about 5 million people in the United States suffer from itchy, watery and burning red eyes—or any of the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye syndrome. The condition is even more likely to occur if you’re a woman or over the age of 50. It occurs due to the many internal and external factors such as low humidity and the use of contact lenses.

Dry Eye Symptoms and Natural Solution

Common complaints or symptoms from those who suffer from dry eyes are discomfort, light sensitivity, stringy mucus around the eye, itching and lack of moisture. Usually, a doctor will diagnose the condition. They perform a comprehensive exam that measures the volume of your tears.

The test involves blotting strips of paper placed under your bottom eyelids. Doctors leave the strips on for five minutes. Once the strips are removed, the doctor will measure the number of tears soaked up by the strips. Other tests include special dyes that measure the quality of your tear production.

For mild conditions, over the counter eye-drops are used (artificial tears) to help the discomfort. But what happens when that is not enough? Yes, there are recommended prescriptions. There's even surgery to reduce tear drainage for more severe cases. But what if you want a more natural remedy?

The National Center for Biotechnology Information conducted an eye health study. According to the study, sea buckthorn seed oil may be the natural solution you’re looking for.

How Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil can Help

The study suggests that sea buckthorn oil provides positive results for dry eye relief. The study was done to determine if taking sea buckthorn seed oil, orally as a supplement would affect people who suffer from dry eyes.

It stated that the a-linolenic acid and the antioxidants in sea buckthorn seed oil are the game-changing properties. According to the study, these essential properties reduce inflammation.

These properties come from the rich fatty acids and antioxidants and they are the essential and natural ingredients of sea buckthorn seed oil. The result; more lubricated eyes with less discomfort. 


The effects of Sea buckthorn seed oil for dryness are not surprising to our SeabuckWonders customers either.

“How did I live without this stuff? I have severe Sjogren's syndrome. So I have very dry eyes, and mouth, and body. I swear I felt a different feeling in my eyes by the next morning. My eyes are nowhere near as dry as they used to be. I even wore mascara today. I usually cannot do that because it kills my eyes! But today I wore it from 11:30 am to 8 pm tonight and could have worn it longer. It never bothered my eyes. That's almost miraculous in my humble opinion. I take two per day. One in the morning and one at night. Buy it!”

“Where can I start??? I've been taking this orally for almost a month and I'm floored. I have several autoimmune diseases but I started taking it for dry eyes. Not only did it help with my eyes, my gastritis had greatly improved as well. I use the liquid form in facial serums, lotion bars and lotion and it's amazing stuff.”

“I use this faithfully 2 x a day for dry eye....I have used many other brands, but this is absolutely the best....1 I used (and briefly liked) has Carrageenan----ARRGGHHH---.Seabuck Wonders is incredible....I advise clients to use this brand also for a variety of reasons ( including dry eye, AND healing the gut lining) OUTSTANDING product....Will NOT use any other brand…."

How Serious are Dry Eyes?

Having dry eyes may not seem like a serious issue, but it can be. Tears keep your eyes lubricated and are important for healthy eyes. Tears force debris out of your eyes and keep them comfortable and functioning. Without an adequate amount of tears, your eyes can become damaged.

Dry Eye Syndrome is a common distress in people but it’s often ignored or overlooked. Yet, not treating dry eyes will affect daily activities such as driving and working. Even more so, dry eyes can also affect the brain. Healthy brain function requires healthy eyesight. The brain and eyes are connected to the optic nerve. The two have a co-dependent relationship with each other. Optimal eye care is important for proper functioning.

How to Administer

If you choose a natural remedy like SeabuckWonders' sea buckthorn seed oil, it is not recommended to put the oil directly into the eyes. It may cause irritation or blurry vision. It’s best to take it by mouth or to try our sea buckthorn oil blend Omega 7 Complete capsules which contain a large amount of sea buckthorn oils.


SeaBuckWonders' seed oil is also known to have a multitude of additional benefits. Some of these benefits include: 

●        Supporting healthy immunity
●        It's loaded with antioxidants
●        Supporting cardiovascular health
●        Daily age-defying skin care
●        Rich in Omegas 3, 6, and 9



Written by Angela Rightout

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