Sea Buckthorn Oil Burn Salve Recipe

By Seabuck Staff , published Jun 3, 2016

Sea buckthorn oil has amazing skin supporting properties. Pure sea buckthorn berry oil is so gentle and powerful that we even suggest using it on cuts and burns. Our sea buckthorn oil burn salve recipe is meant for summer sunburns.

Pure sea buckthorn berry oil does work wonders but it's not always convenient. When your kid has a sunburn, you might not want to rub bright orange sea buckthorn berry oil all over them!

Extra Care for Irritated Skin

We developed this recipe with skin soothing ingredients so you can stretch the power of the berry oil. Adding other ingredients will dilute the orange color of the oil. So, you don't need to worry about messes quite as much.

Prepare yourself before burns happens with this easy recipe that you can make at home. It's the perfect, soothing blend that you will want to have around for your family after a long day of summer fun.

This remedy also helps irritated but not yet burned skin. The omega fatty acids and other anti-inflammatory components are soothing. The ingredients all work together to nourish and calm the skin. Make sure to cleanse the area with soap and water before applying the salve on broken skin.


Sea Buckthorn Oil Burn Salve

Sea buckthorn Oil Burn Salve Recipe


    • Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil – 1 tbsp
    • Coconut Oil – 1 tbsp
    • Shea Butter –1 tbsp
    • Glycerine – .5 tbsp
    • Beeswax – 1 tbsp or ½ tbsp candelila wax (vegan alternative)
    • Lavender or Tea Tree Oil Optional – 10 drops 

Why is this Optional? Both kinds of these oils have anti-bacterial properties and smell great. You can even blend the two if you like using 5 drops of each. If you don't want the salve to be scented, skip these. Also, if you don’t already have these you can still make a great burn salve without them.

    • Pure aloe vera juice Optional –½ a tsp*

Why is this Optional? We suggest adding this ingredient if you can because aloe vera will make the salve more soothing. Only use 100% aloe vera gel. Aloe in contains a lot of water, and water in hom made skincare breeds bacteria.

Using tea tree or lavender is not enough as a preservative. Though, it can help for topical anti-bacterial use. Only use aloe if you make a small, one-time use batch. For the convenience of a ready salve that can you can leave in the cabinet for an extended period of time- do not use aloe.

Other items

    • A small 4 oz mason jar or a double boiler (a Pyrex measuring cup will do)

We recommend mixing all the ingredients in a mason jar because you won't need to transfer the product from one container to another. If you want to transfer the mixture to another container, metal tins work great. Just be sure it's heat safe.

    • Canning tongs or an oven mitt


    1. Fill a pot with about 1/4 of water and boil it. Once it boils, turn the temperature down and add your mason jar or other heat safe mixing bowl.

      1. Add wax to the jar and let it melt down all the way using a low-medium temperature. Add your coconut oil and let that melt down. Mix with a wooden or metal spoon until smooth.

      2. Add shea butter and let it melt. Mix until smooth.

      3. Add glycerine and mix until smooth

      4. If adding lavender or tea tree oil add those next- again, being sure to stir and blend them well.

      5. Take the jar off of the heat using canning tongs or an oven mitt. This will prevent the blend from getting overheated. If overheated, the blend could lose some of it's therapeutic qualities.

      6. Turn the heat off on the stove and remove the jar from the water on to a heat safe surface. Add your sea buckthorn berry oil and aloe vera. Stir well.

      7. Let the product cool on the countertop overnight.

Written by Seabuck Staff

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