Sea Buckthorn is the Best Source of Omega-7

By Admin Email , published Feb 25, 2015

What makes sea buckthorn the best source of Omega-7?

Sea buckthorn stands out as the most sustainable source of Omega-7. It is a beneficial permaculture crop that can be harvested in areas that are traditionally not the best for agriculture. The plant itself can fix soil issues and provide meaningful, long term employment for the people who grow it. No matter how you slice it, fish oils are simply not sustainable compared to sea buckthorn. Wild caught fishing has been putting a strain on our oceans for too long. Though farmed fishing seems better, the quality of the product suffers greatly as farmers medicate over crowded fish to maintain sanitary conditions.

Contamination of sea buckthorn plants is highly unlikely because of the way they are grown. We source our sea buckthorn from the Tibetan Plateau which has little pollution in a pristine environment. These great conditions make it easy to grow the oil organically. The trouble with any marine source of Omega-7 is that contamination is likely. In fact, part of the purification process of fish oils is designed to strip away contaminants. Read more about purified Omega-7 products here.

Sea buckthorn is packed with a natural, balanced nutrition that no other source can compare to. Since fish oil is stripped down, heated and processed, it loses a lot of its nutritional value. Not to mention that fish simply doesn’t have all of the nutritional complexity of Sea buckthorn berries and seeds to begin with. Sea buckthorn  has omegas -3,-6,-7 & -9 as well as loads of other vitamins and nutrients.

We have mostly been focusing on fish oil but sea buckthorn is also a much better source of Omega-7 compared to other plant sources as well. Avocados, macadamia nuts and olives all contain Omega-7. Sea buckthorn has the most of all  sources, plant or animal, sources by far.

Sea buckthorn is the best source of Omega-7 by far!

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