Health and Wellness Tips for Surviving the Holidays

By Angela Rightout , published Nov 30, 2018

The Joys of the Season

The holidays are a great opportunity to spend time with family, enjoy decadent foods and experience overall happiness! But enjoying those decadent foods are a double-edged sword. Because one of the hardest things that we battle with is sticking to our diet and exercise routines during this time of year. It’s not just you, it’s most of us. With all the delicious foods and fun family times, it’s so easy to just abandon it all. Well, don’t worry because we are here for you! We’ve done some research and reached out to an expert for some tips on staying healthy during this season. Not only will these tips benefit you during the holiday season, but you will be able to take these new strategies with you and possibly incorporate them into your current routine.


1. Our first tips are all about the food. Food is one of the main reasons people are excited about the holidays. I mean, come on, who’s not excited about grandma’s mac and cheese? But focusing on fun times with your families like tree trimming or an all-night game of Scrabble may help you not overeat. It keeps fun as the focus and food as secondary.


2. We are all overly busy during this season with holiday preparations. In return, this leaves less time to cook healthy meals. So we resort to fulfilling our hunger with fast and processed foods while filling our bellies with empty calories. To combat this issue, take action by planning ahead. Prepare healthy meals that keep well in the freezer. By doing this, you save money, time and health. When you’re hungry and too tired or too busy to cook a meal you can pop one of these in the oven or microwave and enjoy!. Your waistline will thank you later.

3. Don’t start a new diet! Yes, you read this correctly. Diets are supposed to be a lifestyle change versus a short-term goal. Starting a diet during this time of year will only make you miserable during a time where you are supposed to be filled with happiness. Instead, just attempt to keep your current diet steady. You can do this by aiming to maintain versus gain. You will better ensure this by eating lighter meals during the day while you’re waiting on that lavish dinner you or your family is preparing. Focus on proteins that are paired with fruits, berries and vegetables.

If it's especially hard sticking to your current diet, PLEASE don't let your overall health and wellness fall by the wayside. Try taking an overall health supplement. SeabuckWonders offers the Omega-7 Complete. This supplement supports the digestive system, liver, heart, skin, hair, nails and immune system. It's also good for chronic dryness and restores natural moisture to your entire body! This is especially helpful during the winter months.

4. SeabuckWonders would also like to offer some tips to avoid sickness. Dress in layers to stay warm. Also, as simple and common knowledge as it may be, wash your hands often. To effectively wash your hands, you should use soap and clean running water and rub your hands together under the water for a minimum of 20 seconds. Also, never cough into your hand. Use a tissue, your elbow or your upper arm. And remember, stress is sickness too that you must manage for optimal health. By not overspending and knowing your budget and limits, you can minimize stress. Don’t let the holidays take a toll on your pockets.

5. As far as exercise, attempt to maintain your same schedule. However, as crucial as this is, don't beat yourself up if you can't stick to it 100 percent. Being flexible is just as important. If your company is having an office party during the time you hit the gym, try for an early morning workout.  

In addition, create an at-home workout routine. Sometimes making it to the gym during this season is close to impossible. A home workout routine will keep you from making excuses while you remain active. 

Our last tips come from Dr. Katina Kennedy, nurse practitioner and fitness advocate. Her tips are not only helpful for the holiday season but are important for overall health and wellness. She calls it the Big 3. Do you know your health status?

The Big 3: Blood Pressure/Cholesterol/ Blood Sugar #BCB

These 3 are foundational to our health!!
If you don't know your Big 3, I challenge you to go see your healthcare provider to uncover the unknown.

Preventative care is key! You can save your life by knowing your health status. Don't limit your visits to your health care provider when you are sick, go get your Physical Exam! Early detection is key!!

Challenge yourself, Start Now!! Live Healthy Mentally and Physically!

Season's Greetings

With these tips in mind, you can relax and breathe. Enjoy your holiday season with family, friends and less worry.

Dr. Katina Kennedy

 Dr. Katina Davis-Kennedy, Family Nurse Practitioner, author, health educator and fitness advocate, started her career in 2003 and has never wavered in her effort to teach people about good health. Energetic, compassionate and caring, are just a few words that describe, Dr. Katina.  She has continued to build an adept career within the medical industry through strong community ties and her ability to speak and reach people in a unique way.  Dr. Katina began her journey studying nursing at Florida A&M University, and then went on to complete her masters’ degree in nursing at Florida Atlantic University and her doctoral degree in educational leadership at the University of Phoenix. “My purpose in life is to educate others about having a healthy mind, body and lifestyle so they can live a high quality of life, mentally and physically,” says Dr. Katina.



Written by Angela Rightout

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