Frequently Asked Questions Answered: Should I Buy SBT Juice or Oil?

By Seabuck Staff , published Oct 8, 2014

Which is Better: Juice or Oil?

We get this question a lot here at our home office! People want to know, should I buy SBT Juice or Oil? We feel that this is a very important question and decided to go into a little more detail about why for you, our people!

Overly Processed and Watered Down

There are many reasons why we have chosen to make our specialty sea buckthorn oils over any other product. Our first reason is that when sea buckthorn juice is made, it is pasteurized to ensure that the juice does not spoil in transit to its destination. This common practice unfortunately brings the product to such a high temperature that most of the natural nutritional complexity is lost leaving little but mid-range levels of Vitamin C.

Another part of the processing of sea buckthorn berries into juice is the addition of water to the product. Sea buckthorn berries do make juice but it’s not as juicy as say, an orange or watermelon would be because they are small, dense berries. Often large amounts of water are added to make up for this lack of juice. Also, they are bitter. So bitter that many companies will add sweeteners to make it more palatable for the average consumer (especially in North America as most tongues are not accustomed to the flavor).

These processes are simply what needs to be done to make a drinkable sea buckthorn berry juice but we believe that it is too much processing.

Sea Buckthorn Berries Make Excellent Oil

The truth is that the berries of the sea buckthorn plant are perfect for making oil! They are have an extremely robust and diverse nutritional profile naturally. When making oil, the small dense berries barely need processing. We use a process called CO2 super-critical extraction to produce our oils.

CO2 super-critical extraction sounds complicated but in reality, it's one of the gentlest forms of processing. It it a low temperature process (even lower than cold pressing) that is very gentle on the seeds and berries. Read more about the process here. The result is a top quality oil that retains all of it's nutritional value.


More Nutrition for Your Dollar

SBT oils are highly concentrated with Omegas, vitamins and minerals. When you break it down by cost, you will always get more bang for your buck when purchasing SBT oils.

All in all, the choice is clear. If you want to get the most nutritional value and all the benefits from SBT and get the most for your money, stick with oil over juice!

Do you have any other questions about sea buckthorn or SeabuckWonders products? Please tweet at us, call us or email, we are happy to help. We are the original Sea buckthorn experts since 1994!


Written by Seabuck Staff

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