Five Tips for Dealing with Food Allergies

By Seabuck Staff , published May 14, 2015

In honor of Food Allergy Awareness week, we wanted to talk to you about things we can do when a new food allergy diagnosis occurs. It can be especially overwhelming when there are kids at home with newly diagnosed allergies.

We talked to our friend, Tracy Bush from Nutrimom Inc. for her top five tips. Tracy’s firsthand knowledge in this subject have made her a top notch food allergy consultant and author. She has a wealth of information up her sleeve and is the best source for help and assistance when it comes to the subject of food allergies.

  • Always have epinephrine - An allergic reaction can happen at any time so always be prepared. Especially if you will also be preparing multiple meals that contain possible allergenic foods, it may be a matter of life and death. A small mix up could lead to a reaction and it is imperative that your epinephrine be on hand just like any of your kitchen staples.
  • Keep a positive attitude - When cooking for food allergies, keep in mind that you are relearning how to cook, so accept mistakes and rethink what you are doing and using. Be easy on yourself and don't give up!
  • Restock your kitchen – Replace ordinary kitchen staples with allergy-friendly staples and get the right kitchen utensils because being prepared is half the battle. Baking ingredients, dried fruit packs or safe, allergy-friendly pre-made products for faster preparation should always be a reach away. Kitchen tools such as a mini-chopper, a rotisserie and color-coded chopping boards are a few handy items to make preparation easier as well as safe.
  • Ask for help - The key to learning to adapt to food allergies is to ask for help. Not only will this decrease the feeling of being overwhelmed but it will allow everyone to learn with you. Food allergies affect all family members, not just the allergic person. Imagine if you had to do this on your own, who would choose that on purpose?
  • Seek out the best resources – There are many websites and magazines that are loaded with good information just waiting to be found. It doesn't matter where you start - the important thing is to gain the information and continue to expand from there. Knowledge is power and luckily, there is new and better information available every single day.


Now is possibly the best time for people with moderate to severe food allergies because there is so much more awareness. There are many more food options than there were in previous years and it’s much easier to connect with others going through the same thing. We know how tough it can be to deal with food allergies but don’t give up hope! Start with Nutrimom, Inc. and be sure to get great allergy-free products like SeabuckWonders.



Tracy Bush of Nutrimom Inc

About the Author

Tracy Bush is a Food Allergy Consultant, Author, Blogger, Mother & Self-professed “Kitchen Geek”. Her website AllergyPhoods and media pages are a mixture of product reviews, recipes and advice mixed with a tinge of humor. Her mission- “I write, I cook and I laugh and I aim to make everyone else do the same.”

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