Easy Anti-Inflammatory Beauty

By Admin Email , published Dec 11, 2015

Anti-Inflammatory Support is Crucial for Overall Beauty and Health

Anti-inflammatory ingredients are great for helping your skin stay clear. Our bodies naturally respond to irritants like allergens and germs with inflammation. The inflammation response is natural and healthy but constant inflammation can cause discomfort or other undesirable effects. These easy anti-inflammatory beauty tips will help you stay happy and healthy. Remember, health = beauty!

Water, Water, Water

One way that your body uses water is to flush out irritants. All of the cells in your body need water to function properly and keep you healthy. If you aren’t drinking water throughout the day, every day, you need to start right now.


Gentle Skin Care

 Do your best to evaluate your skin care products. What is in them? Many people do not realize that the cause of their skin problems is from the products they use. A good resource is the EWG.com site, where you can type in the ingredients you see on your skincare products.

Easy anti-inflammatory Beauty

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

No matter what your dietary preference is, one thing that everyone can do to fight inflammation is eat more fruits and veggies. Foods high in Omegas are quite helpful when it comes to combating inflammation. Sea buckthorn oils are high in Omegas and lots of other great properties for boosting beauty.



It has been scientifically proven that exercise reduces inflammation. Scientists think the reason is that when you work out, our body releases cytokines (a kind of protein) into the body. So do it! Shoot for at least 2.5 hours per week. If that sounds like a lot remember, you can accomplish this in 21 minutes a day! No excuses. It's easy to encourage anti-inflammatory processes in your body. Focusing on living a healthier lifestyle that includes a good diet, exercise and making the switch to more natural products should do the trick.


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