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By Seabuck Staff , published Mar 1, 2017

You might need to change your daily skincare routine for the new season. This depends on your skin type more than anything. If you have very dry skin you will likely need to keep up the same highly moisturized skin care regimen. The air will not be as dry, so you can use less heavy moisture as spring progresses.

But First, Protect your Skin 

Don’t forget sunscreen. You should have some kind of SPF on your skin at all times during the year. You are going to be spending more time outside-so make sure you are protecting your skin!


Be sure to exfoliate in springtime. We created our exfoliating cleanser with tiny jojoba esters. It's so gentle that you can exfoliate your face every day without damaging skin. Exfoliation is good for your skin, especially when the temperature changes. This guide will help you create a custom spring skin care routine that is tailored just for you.

Ultimate Hair Skin + Nails

For best results, use this product along with sea buckthorn skin care. They're vegan gel caps containing sea buckthorn seed, berry oil and biotin. This supplement works on dryness from the inside out and is suitable for all skin types.

Dry Skin

Wash Face with exfoliating cleanser daily. Other exfoliating cleansers can damage skin with daily use. The cleanser supports skin with fatty acids from both kinds of sea buckthorn oil. Jojoba esters provide skin stimulating effects that are wonderful for reviving dry skin.
Wash and dry your face, being sure to use a clean soft cloth to dry the skin. Apply a few drops of seed oil to finger tips and massage into skin, focusing on dry, wrinkled and dark spots. The seed oil has natural vitamin E which is great for brightening and age defying support. The oil acts as a serum because it goes deep into the layers of skin.
Add a Layer of Sea buckthorn Facial Cream to seal in moisture and moisturize the top layers of skin.
After you wash your face at night, repeat the application of the seed oil – focusing on extra dry areas. If you are still moisturized from your morning regimen, apply a layer of the facial cream before bed time.


For your skin type we recommend doing a weekly treatment using sea buckthorn berry oil. The berry oil has omega-7 which will be super hydrating for your complexion. Here is a detailed post about how to do it properly.
 Spring Skin Care

Medium/Combination Skin


People with combination skin have areas that over produce oils while other areas are dry. The goal for you is to try to even out your skin as much as possible. Oral supplement like HSN can help balance out the fatty acids and natural sebum in your skin. The best way is to support each dry and oily area with different care.
You can use the exfoliating cleanser on all your face daily. It’s a low foam, moisturizing cleanser. That means will help both the dry and oil parts of your skin. The gentle exfoliation will help clear the build-up of dead cells and sebum on the oily parts of your skin. At the same time it will help clear flaky dead cells, which will soften and support the dry parts of your skin.
After washing and drying your face, take the seed oil and start with a drop of oil on your fingertips. Focus on the dry parts of the skin and apply a thin layer of seed oil to those areas. Once the oil has absorbed, take the facial cream and apply all over the face. This seals in moisture for the dry areas and will help your washed oily areas stay balanced.
At bedtime, after washing your face, apply a layer of the Facial Cream.


One day a week, after washing your face, apply seed oil to the entire face. Leave the oil on for at least 20 minutes. The oil should be completely absorbed by your skin. If the oily areas do not absorb the seed oil after 20 minutes- you can wash the oily areas again. This will be a more mild treatment and will help the oily parts of your skin re-balance. Be sure to read the next section about oily skin to get a better understanding of how topical oils can help.
Spring Skin Care

Oily Skin


It’s not easy to deal with oily skin. If you have oily skin, you are more prone to sensitivity and acne too. Skin becomes oily when it produces too much sebum. This can cause clogged pores and create a breeding ground for bacteria. A little known cause of sebum over production is actually dry skin. You may have skin that is so dry that your body is over compensating and sending out too much sebum. Whichever kind of oily skin you have, sea buckthorn oil and skin care products can help.

Rebalance Your Skin 

For your skin type this is worth repeating: we recommend our Ultimate Hair Skin & Nails daily. Oily skin types can stem from many issues. However, oily skin types are the most likely to have an imbalance within the skin. It is important to ensure that your lipid levels are normal within your skin. Taking sea buckthorn oil can help ensure that the skin is being nourished from the inside out.
Wash the face with sea buckthorn exfoliating cleanser. After drying, apply a toner all over the face. Creating your own toner using witch hazel and selected essential oils is a great idea. Add a layer of Sea buckthorn Facial Cream. Repeat this process before bedtime each night.


One day a week, after washing your face, put one pump of the Facial Cream into your palm. Take one drop of the sea buckthorn seed oil and drop it into the lotion. Mix the lotion and oil together in your hand and then apply to your face. Sea buckthorn seed oil is good for topical use on oily skin. It contains omegas 3,6 and vitamin E, which are all wonderful for supporting skin. This method will keep the mixture light and allow your skin to benefit from the nutritious oils.
If you find that your skin is producing less oil as the weeks go by, you may increase the treatment to twice a week. You may find that your skin continues to balance out or dry out over time. If so, you can do a pure seed oil treatment once a week (see combination skin weekly treatment recommendation).



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