Could Plant Based Omega-3 be the key to Mitochondrial Health?

By Seabuck Staff , published Sep 14, 2018

Mitochondrial Health: A Hot Topic For 2018

We now know the importance that our microbiome has on our health. The microbiome has been the subject of much attention in the past few years. More experts than ever believe that nourishing our bodies- all the way down to a cellular level is another important key for great health. Mitochondrial health is a hot topic in the natural wellness world in 2018.

Mitochondria are organelles within our each one of the cells in our bodies. Their job is to provide energy to each of the different types of cells within the body. Mitochondria process nutrients to create energy that our cells need to function. They recycle waste products and create chemicals which the body uses in different ways.


More Than Just Energy Makers

Mitochondrial health is on the mind of many scientists, practitioners and those in the nutrition industry. Our understanding of our cellular health continues to grow each year. Mitochondria are best known as the "power-house" of the cell.

A little-known function of mitochondria is the large part they play in apoptosis- which is the death of cells.

Mitochondria Control Apoptosis

Cell death occurs at a high rate in humans and animals. The body has its own system for scheduling the death of cells. An astonishing number of cells are part of the programed death process each hour.

Although apoptosis of healthy cells seems scary, the body uses it to perform many functions. In comparison, death of injured or malfunctioning cells (known as necrosis) is damaging to other cells. Necrosis is not the same as the "programmed death" of cells in apoptosis. Apoptosis happens in healthy bodies all the time, and it’s controlled by mitochondria.

Cellular Health- Why it’s so Important

Scientific studies have shown that patients with various diseases have malfunctioning mitochondria. As we know, mitochondria are crucial in our cell health, but also our overall health. How can the average person make sure their cells are functioning well?

It's simple- cellular health comes from healthy living. To quote one study- your mitochondria are what you eat. The healthy function of mitochondria in animals fed a high fat, high sugar diet (much like the Standard American Diet) were the subject of that study. The unhealthy diet caused extra oxidation in cells and hindered mitochondrial function.

The Best Food for Mitochondria

A diet of nutritious foods along with regular exercise are crucial for cellular health. We know some nutrients that are key for mitochondrial health. They include B vitamins, L-carnitine, ubiquinol, magnesium and alpha lipoic acid- also known as ALA, also known as plant-based omega-3.

 Sea Buckthorn seed oil could be the perfect support for mitochondrial health.

It’s thought that mitochondria function best with high antioxidant diets and quality fatty acids. Plant based Omega-3 itself is an antioxidant. Plant based Omega-3 is also known many health benefits. These include liver support, cardiovascular support, skin health, immunity and healthy inflammation response.

One of the richest sources of plant based fatty acids and antioxidants is sea buckthorn oil. Sea buckthorn seed oil contains Omega-3 and is an easy addition to your everyday diet.

Sea Buckthorn Seed oil

A study showed sea buckthorn seed oil protected mitochondrial function from radiation induced oxidative stress in mice. This helped scientists understand how sea buckthorn can help protect cells from radiation. This could lead to advances in human medicine for those going through chemo therapy.

SeabuckWonders Seed Oil

Our understanding of cellular health changes each year. Following sensible lifestyle habits is the easiest way to support cell functions. Stay active and eat a fatty acid and antioxidant full diet for healthy cellular function.


Written by Seabuck Staff

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