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By Seabuck Staff , published Aug 10, 2018

Why is Gut Health So Important?

Gut health is important because it helps your body sort the good bacteria from the bad. In your body, a collection of viruses, bacteria, and fugus come together to make our microbiome. Some parts cause illness and diseases, while others help your body function. It is crucial that your body does stays in balance when it comes to micro-organisms. Gut health has a huge impact on your health and well being.
Most microbes in your intestine live in a part of the large intestine. They are the gut microbiome. Out of all the kinds of microbiome in the body, bacteria are the most studied. There are more bacteria cells in the human body than blood cells. We’ve adapted to living with these microbes and now depend on them.

Symbiotic Relationship

The first time humans come in contact with microbes can happen before birth. This happens when they pass through the mother’s birth canal. As we get older the microbiome diversifies to help our bodies digest. Your gut health becomes more important for your immune, digestive, and health as you age.
Having a healthy gut can have an effect on more than digestion. Gut health may affect weight, mood, and heart health. When there is an imbalance of healthy and unhealthy microbiome in your gut, it may lead to weight gain.
These same unhealthy microbes, called gut dysbiosis, may also affect your mood. The body can't stop food proteins from entering the bloodstream with this disorder. This happens because dysbiosis damages the mucosal layer of the GI tract. Dysbiosis causes inflammation, food sensitivities, and other problems throughout the body.

Whole Body Symptoms

When the central nervous system reacts- it could also cause changes to your mood. New studies suggest that digestive function may also affect certain cognitive functions. These include thinking skills and memory, as well as early Parkinson’s Disease. The type of food that a body processes can have a huge positive effect on the functions of the brain. And when the gut is healthy, the brain is happier.
A happy gut can also mean a happy heart. Cardiovascular diseases are more common with the presence of dysbiosis in the body. People who have cardiovascular disease have more bad bacteria in their bodies. Eating healthy may lower your risk of developing heart disease.

Improving Gut Health

While taking probiotics is a good start to improve gut health, it’s going to take more than that. You are also going to have to make major changes to your diet. It is important to follow a diet with lots of fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Your diet isn’t the only life change you going to have to make, diet, sleep, and stress all make an impact on your gut health.
Sea buckthorn seed oil is high in omega-3 which is great for gut health.

Eat Healthy

You should increase your intake of whole unprocessed foods. Making most of your diet fibrous will make your gut happy. Consuming HEALTHY fats can also help improve gut health. Many people consume more omega-6 than omega-3, which can cause an unwanted imbalance.  
Oils high in omega-3, like sea buckthorn seed oil, are helpful for that healthy balance. Fermented foods also provide support for gut health because the probiotics they contain.

Sleep well

Having a balance of microbiomes can help you sleep better. Getting sleep can also help keep your microbiomes balanced. We now know that there is a strong colleraltion between the two. Recent research shows shows not sleeping enough can have a negative effect on microbiome health. People with sleep apnea have tend to have a less healthy gut due to their poor quality of sleep.


Research shows that stress can have an effect on your gut health. Stress can lead to changes in your gut health that may cause depression or weight gain. Learning how to make time for self-care is important for your mind and body. Taking a yoga class or sitting at the beach are great ways to distress and let your whole body relax.

Written by Seabuck Staff

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