Back To School Immunity!

By Admin Email , published Sep 6, 2016

You’re ready for the drill: get the kids up, clothed, fed and out the door in time to catch the school bus – but wait! Don't forget their daily vitamin. They need extra protection against all the germs floating around the classroom. Keep your kid from getting sick and follow these tips for back to school immunity! Is their multivitamin an immunity booster that workswithout the addition of extra sugars? Why put them at risk of obesity, dental problems, plaque or other health conditions?

Back to School Immunity

The Benefit of Vitamins Without Added Sugar

Mary Poppins sang “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”.  The AHA announced that 25 grams daily of added sugar is the new limit for kids diet's. That’s less than six teaspoons of added sugars per day.[1] Most people do not consider the sugar content in the color gummy vitamins they give to their kids. America's kids are already eating too much sugar. Why add even MORE, especially in their diets?

Avoid Risks Associated with Sticky Gummies 

Sugar isn't the only culprit. Some sugar-free gummies leave behind a film on the teeth. Experts recommend that proper flossing and brushing occur right after consuming a gummy. Otherwise, plaque is bound to develop.

Natural Immunity Boost Plan

For starters, add plenty of fresh fruits and veggies to your family meals everyday. Kids who get enough fresh vitamins and nutrients from food stay healthier, especially during back to school time! Add a few drops of SeabuckWonders Seed and Berry Oil to the kiddo's daily routine. It's easy. Just add a few drops to a fruit and veggie smoothie or oatmeal. You can add sea buckthorn oil to almost anything. Just make sure you don't cook with the oil. Overheating can mean loss of vitamins. This one tiny addition to your everyday routine could mean a world of difference for your little kiddo! With antioxidants and Omegas, sea buckthorn oils are great for boosting immunity. It's the natural way to keep your family healthy!

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