5 Things You Can Do to Save the Earth

By Admin Email , published Apr 22, 2016

Why Celebrate Earth Day?

Sometimes it may not feel like it but the little things we do have a big impact on the world around us. Earth day is the best time to reflect on what you can do as a citizen of Earth to make things better. You can make a big difference by changing little habits!


1. Make a Bee Nest & Butterfly House

Our world’s pollinators are declining which is bad news for humans. We rely on pollinators to help us grow crops. Some bee species make nests in old woodpiles and holes in the ground. Our penchant for tidy lawns makes it hard for bees to find natural habitats. You can make your own cute and tidy bee house to encourage nesting. Follow this link to make your own bee nest for your yard!


2. Commit to Ditching Plastic Grocery Bags for Good

Many cities and states are doing the right thing by banning plastic grocery bags. They are a blight for our public land and communities. Be a trail blazer and get a couple of big canvas bags to take with when you go shopping. Tote bags made from recycled rice sacks are perfect for groceries and are super durable!


3. Buy Yourself a Reusable Cup, Straw and Lunch Containers

This tip will make you a Class A Citizen by eliminating the need for disposable cups. The best part about a resuable drink tumbler is that you can almost always fill it up with water for free. Get yourself a cool stainless steel straw that you can wash and reuse forever. Make your lunch at home and put it in an awesome reusable container!


4. Donate $5 a Month to a Charitable Organization Supporting the Environment

You can afford it! There are so many to choose from but here are just a few suggestions: https://www.coolearth.org/get-involved/donate/ https://www.nrdc.org/ http://www.ewg.org/ http://www.greenpeacefund.org/ http://www.foe.org/


5. Commit to Three Days per Week Car Free

The majority of Americans live in either suburban or urban settings- so get creative. Don’t have public transport? Can you walk to your destination? How about a bike ride? How about a carpool? Save some dough, get some exercise and skip the fossil fuels for a few days- mother earth will thank you for it! Earth Day

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