10 Simple Ways to Have a Healthier, Happy New Year

By Admin Email , published Jan 5, 2015

Every year we do the same thing. We set lofty goals for ourselves; that we are going to improve our health, lose weight or make our lives better. Sometimes, we set our expectations too high or are too hard on ourselves and sadly, our new year’s resolutions fly right out of the window. Sometimes, implementing small changes can yield even bigger results. If your goal for the New Year is to live a happier, healthier life, we have a couple of fail-safe tips to help you glide into a new year and your new self.

 10. Be mindful of your negativity

We can cause ourselves (and everyone around us) a lot of suffering by complaining. The main source of your daily stress very well could be your negativity. When you feel the urge to complain just pause and stop yourself. See how many days you can make it without complaining. You can’t help how you feel but you do have control over what you do when emotion strikes. Instead of focusing on the bad stuff, focus on the good stuff every day! You will one step closer to a happier you.

9. Step away from the electronics

Put. Down. Your. Phone. How much time do you really spend on social media, reading articles or watching videos? It’s hard to focus on anything when you are constantly distracted. How about replacing 30 minutes of looking at your phone to thirty minutes of walking or cooking or sitting down with your family to talk? We promise, if you can get this one under control, the rest of the steps will be much easier.

8. Get enough sleep

This tip seems obvious but it is SO important. In 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic. That’s serious, people! The truth is that it’s hard to be in a good mood when you are tired. You can’t exercise as well as you would on a good night’s rest. You can’t perform at work when you are sleepy or cranky! Make getting a full night’s rest on the top of your priority list. Try to get in bed (without your phone or TV) and wind down for 20 minutes every night before bedtime.

7. Don’t avoid your checkup

Ever just, you know, avoid the doctor? Afraid of what they might say? You owe it to yourself to start this year off right with a good old fashioned visit to your local MD, nautropath or shaman, whatever you prefer. You could be stressing yourself out for no reason (web md diagnosis) or you could be ignoring real health issues.

6. Start cooking more

Whether you are trying to lose weight or just trying to be healthier this is a great place to start. Maybe you aren’t great at cooking but this year, give it a whirl. Try to get your family involved so everyone can reap the benefits. You’ll save money and you will eat better if you cook for yourself.

5. Move your body everyday

We don’t just mean exercising here, we mean at the bare minimum walking! According to the American Heart Association, Sedentary jobs have increased 83% since 1950; physically active jobs now make up only about 25% of our workforce. That is 50% less than 1950. That means that most likely, you sit every day at your job. Most people in the US are just not physically moving their bodies! Guess what that means?

Source AmericasHealthRankings.org

As sad and shocking as this graph may be, you don’t have to be part of the statistics! The best part is, physical activity make us feel happier naturally and helps to sleep better too.

4. Set aside time to create your attack plan each week

 Give yourself at least thirty minutes at the beginning of each week to get your plan into motion. What are your goals? What meals are you making? What activities are you doing? How does that fit into everything else you have to do, you know, life? Remember, it’s okay to start with small changes!

3. Make a schedule & use tools-

Now we know you’re saying, I thought this was supposed to be simple! The truth is organizing your weekly meals, scheduling exercise time and putting your goals down on paper will make your transition into your new healthy lifestyle much smoother. These days there are TONS of free online services that can help you count your calories and track your fitness. If you have a plan, it will be much easier to succeed.

2. Make proper nutrition a priority

 Now that you are more aware of what food is going into your body, start learning more about what your body needs to work and be happy. What is your diet lacking? Do you eat enough vitamins? Do you get enough Omegas? Most Americans do not get enough Omegas, especially those of us who do not eat fish. SeabuckWonders supplements really are the best addition to any diet. They are loaded with tons of vitamins, nutrients and are the best plant based omega source.

1. Enjoy yourself

Have fun this year. Taking better care of yourself includes laughing, playing and making time to do what you want to do. It is so important to carve out this time for yourself, no matter how busy your schedule is. Go get your nails done. Invite a friend over for dinner. Try to remember the little things that make your life special and do them!

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