Highest Omega-7 Fatty Acid Content

The special benefits Omega-7 fatty acids have to offer the body are found in the greatest concentration from SeabuckWonders' sea buckthorn oils. Our heavily scrutinized process of sourcing only the finest sea buckthorn available from the pristine Himalayan mountain region of Tibet has resulted in a tested minimum of 30-35% Omega-7 content, the highest currently available in the sea buckthorn market. Our sea buckthorn oils are also fully certified USDA organic, the most trusted organic certification in America.

What is the rare Omega-7

Omega-7, also known as Palmitoleic acid, is a monounsaturated fatty acid found in some animal, vegetable, and marine oils. It is a rather rare omega fatty acid that only recently has gained global exposure for its benefits and unique qualities. Omega-7 is present in all body tissues and more particularly in skin and fat tissue. Sea buckthorn berries offer the most potent botanical source of Omega-7 currently known and are garnering wide-spread attention as a "Miracle Berry" with many health advantages.

Omega-7 Is Special

Omega-7 fatty acid promotes healthy and moisturized skin, hair, and nails at a cellular level. Our tissue actually contains Omega-7 and its restoration, whether topical or internally, nourishes and balances these tissues for a youthful and shiny glow. Omega-7 fatty acid supports a healthy gastrointestinal and digestive system from start to finish. This fatty acid coats and nurtures mucous membranes starting in the oral cavity all the way through the end of the digestive tract, alleviating discomfort and balancing digestive functions. Omega-7 fatty acid supports a proper inflammation-response throughout the body and reinforce the body's natural lubrication system. According to an Australian scientific study of Omega-7 conducted in the mid 90's, this fatty acid may even help manage weight and balance fat stores.


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